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<HTML>I have a 1988 Honda Elite, and i would like to make it a lil faster, preferable able to keep up w/ a 99 Targa Lx w/ sprocket and bi turbo.. Can anyone direct me to somewhere i can purcase speed parts for this model, or give me any suggestions

Thanks for your help,


RE: I Need...

<HTML>you can check out these sites for performance parts (60 and 70 cc upgrades/speed or acceleration sprockets/biturbo exhausts. not sure if they have em for yer specific make/model though.


(have dealed with them before, quick shipping)


(have yet to deal with them. am going to their shop in nj this saturday though)


(my friend adam from bsh ordered a derbi predator lc from them. he kinda got screwed on shipping though. they told him it would be 1-7 days but it's been more than a month.)</HTML>

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