Leaded gas only?

<HTML>I found a nice looking 78 PUCH maxi for sale at a local moped repair shop. A notice next to the filler cap says DO NOT use unleaded gasoline in the engine. The mechanic says he's not had any trouble in the past using unleaded, and tells me to just ignore the warning. This makes me nervous though, why would the PUCH people put the warning there if there wasn't a valid reason? Anybody know? </HTML>

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<HTML> Back in then days before unleaded gas there was an unleaded fuel sold for camping stoves and lanterns. This was known as White Gas. It was not formulated as a motor fuel and would cause trouble with engines. This sticker was to keep cheap-ass moped owners from ruining their engines trying to save money. If the bike didn't say not to use White Gas, they could claim the factory never warned them and try to get a free moped from them through their ignorance.

Todays unleaded is a formulated motor fuel and since a 99.99% of mopeds don't have valves, lead was never required.

The 0.01%? Indian, which made the a four-stroke along with the Honda that used a motor-wheel.



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<HTML>Sorry, it's not 0.01%

The Hond Cub (or C) is the best sold and most driven moped in the world, still.

In America there are almost no 4stroke mopeds, in Europe there still are some of them around, in the '70s they were sold in Europe in vast numbers.

And about the feul, leaded gas is better for mopeds of those days, after all they were designed with leaded gas in mind. But unleaded shouldn't give too much trouble.</HTML>

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<HTML>Two strokes designed with leaded gas in mind you say? With no exhaust valves how can that be?</HTML>

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<HTML>there was no unleaded gas available in those days, everything ran on leaded.</HTML>

RE: Leaded gas only?

WesParker /

<HTML>Actually the first reply was correct. These mopeds were designed back when the unleaded gas was of poor quality.</HTML>

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fallout Survivor /

Jim C is correct, and Bob is absolutely wrong.

The only purpose of lead was as a valve lubricant and anti-knock agent "The addition of tetramethyl lead and tetraethyl lead to raise the octane number is no longer permitted in the United States" . Octane number or anti-knock activity is controlled by other chemical formulations.

You can still get white or "unleaded" gas.

Further, leaded gas while usable just leads to deposits and environmental contamination.

RE: Leaded gas only?

john, did you really just bump a 9 year old thread?

RE: Leaded gas only?

fallout Survivor /

weird,,, it was at the top of the list on the web site..

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