the ugliest moped

hey all,

i was just at my local moped place and i saw the ugliest moped in the entire world. the name is the avanti supersport. ugh the thing couldnt look worse or be more miss made. it has no user comfort or egonomics in the damn thing. and then the new hero puch look just about as bad. and then i see the scooters and i for once actually think there nice. well they are but they have some major setbacks. then i glance to the tomos section and im thinking look at that, some damn sweatshop workers in slovenia have better styling than the germans...... and the germans make Porsches!!! why cant they make a decent moped? oh well i am very sorry to anyone i have offended but jeez, u gotta be eather blind or just dumb to buy an avanti or a new puch. old pucks look great but the new ones look like boxes with 2 wheels. happily venting.......


Re: the ugliest moped

Mike,I like the Supersport at a distance.I haven't been close to one yet.Do you mean they couldn't be comfortable `cause they're designed not to fit a human's shape or what?The only thing I've seen on them that I would change is the 16" tires.Even my Sebrings have 17" tires and I think that's a bigger bike than my Sebring or any TOMOS.The little 16" tires look funny on it to me.Why are you saying German styling when it's made in India,I think.And scooters? The ugliest moped is prettier than a fancy scooter anyday.They look like snails to me,with that bulging rear.THAT'LL get somebody cookin' at me! I do agree with you on the new Puchs and some Derbis,though.They look like moped-scooter hybrids.Prejudiced for mopeds and PROUD OF IT !!!!

Re: the ugliest moped

i wasnt saying geram styling for the avanti but i was for the puch.get up to a avanti and the seats are square. all the controls are not made to fit a hand. you have to cock your hand up down/sideways to get the turn signals on. the whole moped looks wierd. it looks to be made of shoddy quality. the shocks arent even spring. the are the mono tube type i think. yes i hate scooters jsut as much as you but when i see an avanti and a scooter side by side the scooter wins my heart. but with any other moped the scooter looks like a over-hyped razor scooter.


Re:no you didnt the ugliest moped

I am a scooter lover, and theres not a moped that can compare with a scoot, oh hell where do I begin? under seat storage perhaps, holds a gallon of water and a 2 litre diet coke, plus,,,, 32 mph stock,68 mpg , no chain noise, no premix like those dinosaur mopeds, electric start, disc brakes, shall I go on.......the NEW SCOOTER ARMY rules!!!!!!!!!!of course I would like to get my 1980 Puch going any body got a cylinder for it??

Re: the ugliest moped

Oh,I see what you mean then.But you know,one of the toughest bikes there is as far as suspension is the Motobecane Moby or Mobylette,and I've seen a lot of them without external springs on their shocks.So you might be judging a little hastily on that one point.Now I've got an ANKUR with the type seat the Avanti has and it's really comfortable,but not softened in yet since the bike only has 70 miles on it.I like those seats that are big and cushy.But I did hear one Avanti owner complain of the seat being hard once.I'll just have to look at one up close.I hear they're a moped for the bigger guy or gal.Are you a large fellow?

Re:no you didnt the ugliest moped

Okay,Rog! I started it and now I'm gonna finish it! LOL! I can extend my telescoping Motomarina Sebring's rear carrier and put TWO,count `em,TWO, FULL backpacks on them so I don't need your underseat storage.I ALSO strap a 10# toolbag to the handlebars with no problem and strap my umbrella in a `snakelight bag' to the side of the rear carrier and there's room for more.I can cruise an easy 32 mph(except for hills) and I don't hear ANY chain vibration since I never overtighten it or leave it loose.I get 125 mpg! Anything I missed?The `MOPEDARMY will make mincemeat out of your new Taliban-scooter army.Snails are easy to catch and kill.OH! And fuel injection and electric starting is for W.I.M.PS! WUSSES IN MEN'S PANTS!(wish I had electric start).You wanna keep up with us you better get your Puch goin'.

Re:no you didnt the ugliest moped

And I forgot,Rog! If you give me any lip about scooters being better for traveling I'm gonna get Wayne the `Gadget Man' to take you to school on just what you CAN carry with you on a `ped.So you're on thin ice already,buster!

My scooter will crush your moped.

I'm not sure what kind of scooters you all are refering to, but the new Vespa et4 (which, I will admit is not as cool as a vintage Vespa, but is pretty damn cool nonetheless) has room to store a full face helmet under the seat, out of sight. Then you've got the glove box on the rear of the leg shield which will hold 3 pepsi big slams, and then some. If that isn't enough, you can opt for the top case, which mounts behind the seat and will hold another 4 big slams with room to spare. And I know what you are about to say, a moped can haul twice that amount of stuff. But it is all out in the open, where it could come loose and fall to the road at any time. With the Vespa all your loot is stored safely away in a closed, locked compartment, where you don't have to worry about loosing it on a bump or someone stealing your shit while you run into the store for a pack of gum.

And that's just the storage issue. Dont get me started on how ugly a moped is compared to a vintage Vespa.

Re: My scooter will crush your moped.

Go get your eyes checked,Vespalad! If you prefer those homely, snail-looking things to a sleek top-tank moped,I feel sorry for your optometrist.It must be a real challenge for him.Give me his number and I'll send him a sympathy card.I suppose you think a VW bug with Hitler riding inside is prettier than a `56 t-bird with Burt Reynolds driving.Get those eyes checked before you mistake a fat stop sign for a thin `no parking' sign and they tow your misshapen scoot to the Hoosegow!All in fun now!

Scooters vs. Mopeds

Blah, blah, blah. We've done the "Scooters vs. Moped" thing a bazillion times. We always arrive at the same determination:

Scooters and Mopeds each have their benefits and drawbacks. They are different machines. You might as well compare apples to oranges.

I have to wonder if mike was "trolling for posts" with his original post on this issue. Any of the regulars know that the "Scoot vs. Ped" thing is like whipping a dead horse.

I'm sure there are many people in this forum who own BOTH a moped and a scooter. Why don't they get rid of one or the other?? Because each one is 'better' in its own way.

Re: Scooters vs. Mopeds

Wayne,do you always have to inject common sense just when I'm havin' fun?Yeah,you're right on the uses,and the differences.It's a personal choice.But Vespalad ain't gonna let my last post slide,I'll bet!

My scooter crushed your moped.

Mopeds vs Scooters debate aside, how do you feel about the storage issue? Do you still mistakenly think you can haul more stuff on a ped than a scooter?

Re: My scooter crushed your moped.

No,I correctly think I can,and like Wayne said,they're different animals.And my animal's better.Yours looks like a mule and mine like a thoroughbred racing pony. Nyah,Nyah!Let's be mature now!

Re: My scooter crushed your moped.

Oh come on, its all in good fun!! I know neither of us is going to get upset and cry because someone else has a different idea about what is cool and what is not...

But anyways, tell me what moped you have in mind that can store a full face helmet out of sight. Because I can't think of any. (And just to be PC, only the new Vespa models have this kind of storage space, none of the vintage even come close).

Re: My scooter crushed your moped.

If I put it in my backpack it's outta' sight,and if they touch my `ped my motion alarm goes off.I COULD buy a HARDSHELL case and mount it,but the backpacks do a fine job,and have you priced those hardshell boxes?If I were in a city and worried a lot about theft,I'd probably have to invest in a hardshell.But here in the country you just lock it up and depend on the predominantly honest folk to keep hands off.I'm not ruling out a big hardshell because like I said,I've got a giant rear carrier when I extend it.I went 3 yrs. before I even knew it extended like that.You're a Vespa man;I'm a Vespa Grande and Motomarina Sebring man.Mopeds rule!

Re: My scooter crushed your moped.

I think you just admitted defeat, my friend. It is not your moped that stores your helmet, but your backpack. Anybody can throw a backpack on. And I know what you mean, those hardshell cases are too expensive, and not very tough (my friends broke clean in half when the ped fell to the curb). I live in a small city, more of a town, where I don't have to worry too much about people stealing my shit off the ped when it is parked. I lock it up, but usually my helmet and backpack just sit on the handlebars, and so far I've had good luck. But if its going to be parked for more than an hour, I usually don't chance it. And I think wherever you live, it is a good idea to keep it locked up in a shed or house overnight.

And yes, I am quite the Vespa man. Mopeds rule, but scooters dominate.

Re: My scooter crushed your moped.

Sorry ,Vespalad! But if my moped's body stored a helmet,it would look dumpy and fat like a scoot.Oh,boy!Here we go again!LOL!

Re: Best of both!

I have a honda elite-s with a 102cc stroker bore kit & is registered as a moped, so needless to say i can whip all of your candy asses.

Re: Best of both!

So what! I've got a 466 pickup truck and I can run over your little fat tire.What's it prove?

Re: Best of both!

you ought to go and join the Skeeks. They also have poor taste and lousy scooters.

Re: Best of both!

these contests between 100-plus cc scooters and 50cc mopeds amuse me. i'm not "anti-scooter" at all. but come on! 100cc is more powerful than 50cc. a contest between a 50cc scooter and a 50cc moped is more fair ... though the smaller wheels on the scooter still give it an advantage (that's why scooters are not allowed in motorcycle races).

if you like scooters, good for you! awesome! rock on! ride your scooter w/ pride. but if you want to brag about how fast your scooter is compared to my moped, then get ready to hear millions of proud motorcycle owners laugh at how slow your honda elite is compared to their hogs.

Re: Best of both!

Simon King /

For me the moped is all about this phrase from the moped army mission statement:

"the ability to enjoy the trip - as well as the destination."

there's more to life than speed.


Re: Best of both!

Truer words were never smoked.No riding feeling I've ever experienced on any bike has ever come close to the feeling I get when I `breathe in' nature at 20 mph or less.I think my favorite speed to ride and explore is about 10-12 mph on an old country road.Man,can you see the sights!Take your fat tire and go in peace,Aaron!Or else drop it down a gear and ride with us.

Re: Best of both!

honda elites suck. i saw a race between an 80cc elite and a 50cc kymco cobra that i had just tuned up to about 55/ 60mph. the honda was fast, but the cobra was even faster and it was less expensive. once they got to 40mph they were neck to neck and then POW the cobra kicked in a little more and went about 50 feet ahead of the elite and at the stop light the honda owner looked at the cobra and said SHIT my scooter sux. and for all these fights over which are better moped or scooter i must say mopeds are better because the are much less expensive and get better gas milage then the scooter's sure the scooters have many little goodies but mopeds are classic and they are actual mopeds. i have 4 mopeds and love them all a motomarina sebring custom exaust and bigger carb which can get up to 45 mph and a puch free spirit with a 70cc kit which goes about 60mph and a casal which i fixed today and goes about 40mph. i also have a honda hobbit that is pretty trashed and doesn't work. it did but it was wimpy so i started takeing parts off to put on my other ones. now you could but a scooter or a moped and if you got the moped instead you could bump it up to 70cc before it got close to the cost of a friggin scooter

A Motomarina Sebring,Ivan?

ALL RIGHT !! Tell me,how much did the performance exhaust help the Sebring and what kind of engine does it have,sprocket set-up,etc.THANKS!

Nyah,Nyah!Let's be mature now!


That was hilarious ...hahahaha!

Nyah,Nyah!Let's be mature now!

cracked me up

Re: My scooter will crush your moped.

If you want pretty scooters, try check out the restored Lambretta's. I just finnished selling one (in peaces and parts) and you really cannot find a better looking or more sout after scooter.

I think that the Vespa ET4 is a nice looking ride and I don't have anything against scooters as my very fist 2 wheeler was a honda aero 125 bought of the showroom floor. It was a fun dependable machine and went to almost 55 down hill. The gas mileage was great too. I could also carry an extra rider but, I did have to get a motorcycle license and pay insurance and regiser it and get tags.

I think that you could get a couple of mopeds for what the ET4 costs right. To save a grand, I'll live with the risk of dropping something off of the back or just spend 75 bucks for on eof those trunks.

I'll end up with a Lambretta or a Vespa to rebuild when I get more time and cash but for now, I enjoy riding my mopeds while I get passed by the rice rockets and harley's out there. The scenery is good and I can drive all week for less than $1.00

Ya just can't beat the price!!


Re: My scooter will crush your moped.

Rich King /


Here's my two cents. I've got both a ped and a scoot, well actually three,a motorcycle too: the ped - 78 PUCH w/70cc kit, it a pleasure to ride, but then so is my 2000 DERBI Atlantis w/a proformance exhaust. Both cruze around town ez. Being an "old guy" I get a lot of laughs and waves riding them around. I even take them on extended rides out to " NOVA The Hunt Country" via back roads. I luv to park them w/the Harley's.

However, I recently made a giant plung in magnitude, I purchased a restored purple pearl & chrome '71 750cc Honda Chopper. (A Bad to the Bone and Vicious Bike). What a hoot, either in town or on an extended ride (to the beach or mountains).

Which is best? They are all good! I admit, the worst motorcycle I ever owned was still pretty good (a BSA 250 w/a "Prince of Darkness" Electrical System (aka Lucus). Life is too short, don't sell them, just aquire more peds, scoots, & motors and LIVE TO RIDE, LAUGHING ALL THE WAY. Maybe next year I can aquire a WHIZZER.


Re: Best of both!

That 50cc kymco cobra is a scooter too, right ? Doesn't have pedals and looks like a scooter instead of a moped NJ you'd have to get a motorcycle license to drive the Kymco Cobra...I like the actual mopeds, mo-PEDal bikes because Nj doesn't make us get a license to ride one....but yet, if you put any kind of motor on a bicycle, even a tiny weed-wacker type, they say you must register it as a motorcycle... NJ is wierd.

So I don't see the Kymco Cobra vs. Honda Elite as a scooter vs moped.It's more of a scooter vs scooter.....however it is interesting to know that you can buy a 50cc Kymco scooter for less money,get better speed and most likely better gas milage then a Honda 80cc scooter.

Mopeds are great.... I think when people see us going down the street on our moped at 40mph some must be, those things can really move when they want to....why don't I have one of those ?

Moped Wins, Actually..

Reeperette /

>>Do you still mistakenly think you can haul more stuff on a ped than a scooter?<<

Moped wins, hands-down.

1986 Tomos Bullet with an Aftermarket Trike modification, and cast-metal rearframe with switchable cargopod or basket.

Pulled me, plus 285lbs of cargo (including passenger), through light snow without significant degradation of performance Nov 24th 1994.

Was due to the car breaking down in the parking lot of the grocery store, and so we loaded the works, turkey, canned goods, everydamnthing into that basket with my cargo net slinging it all down for a three-mile haul.

The cargopod was lockable, although shorter on space than the basket.

I wonder if there are any scooter-trikes, just outta curiosity ?


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