hi all, can anyone explain the stuff on the market called slime? is it used as a preventative, or after you find a hole in your tire. thanks......


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I'm not sure about slime in particular but most of the gooy flat preventers are just a thick kinda stuff that either reacts to air or creates sort of a tar type of consistencey. You drive with it in the tire which uses centrifical force to spread ti aroud the outside of the inner tube. Then if you get a puncture, the stuff oozes to the hole and gets clogged inside of the hole. It's the stickyness of the stuff that keeps it from just squerting through the hole. Some of them also react with the rubber that the tire is made of. It coats the inside of the tire and reacts with the rubber that it comes into contact with adhereing to it. There is enough of it in there that when you get a flat, the gooie stuff goes through the hole and then reacts with the rubber that it comes into contact with.

All if the puncture repair liquid stuff is only good for a puncture hole (nail). None of it is good for a cut.

There used to be some stuff that you could put into a tire in place of the air that turned into a rubber to make a non pneumatic tire. The problem with it was in removing the tire (you had to cut it off) and in the balancing of the tire. I used to work for a company that rented large industrial equipment. We would fill the tires of Backhoes and stuff. It was great until you had to replace the tire or if you wanted to go down a road with any speed.

The gooie stuff should be fine unless it begins to solidify in one spot while the bike is parked. If it did, you would have a balancing problem. All of the weight would be in one spot on your tire and cause it to vibrate. This could also be a problem depending on how much was in the tube and the temp. Cold weather would cause it to gell up somewhat.

Hope this helped and sorry about having to interject the part about the backhoe tires. It was kinda neat watching the tires get filled with the rubber and catalyst though. (it was also the place to be on a cold day. You had to keep the rubber at 78degrees so that it would flow correctly)


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It is a preventive treatment. I have used it in notorcycle tires and it seemed to let me down easier when I got a flat. On a motorcycle, this is important. I have no idea if it ever sealed any smaal holes by itself, but I never noticed any tendency for it to harden or adhere to the tube. I would just wipe the hole area clean and patch like a regular tube. I am not sure that it makes sense on a ped as punctures are so easy to fix anyway and I think, at best, it would only get you home before you had to fix it.


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Speaking of punctures,guys,has anyone seen the neat little tool on JC Whitney that you put a 12 gm. CO2 cylinder in and use to pump up tires?Says one cartridge pumps up several tires.I've been thinking about ordering one.Really compact!I carry a CO2 powered BB gun for unruly mutts anyway so I always have an extra CO2 cartridge in the tool bag.

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I've been using such a device for a couple of years and recommend them. (Hint: They shouldn't cost more than about $10; if someone's asking more, check around. Most bicycle shops carry them.) Or search the web for "CO2 tire inflator". I bought a bunch of them last year for $6 each and sent them out as Xmas gifts. :)

One thing, though: Make sure you get the ones that use standard CO2 cartridges; some use threaded cartridges, which are much harder to find and more expensive.

Also, don't believe the bit about filling multiple tires, unless you're getting one that uses threaded cartridges, which can be bought in very large sizes (for pretty big money each, though). When you use standard 14 gram cartridges (the kind you can get at K-Mart under Crossman brand), you'll use 2 carts for a totally flat moped tire, and easily 4 to get rolling on a flat automobile tire. But even with 1/2 dozen carts in my moped backpack, the inflater plus carts are much smaller and lighter than most pumps, and if you use them under less than ideal conditions, you'll not risk slipping and hurting yourself on slippery ground, etc. So I recommend them.

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Thanks for the description,D ! I think I'm gonna bite on one or two of these,since,like I said,I carry a BB gun that uses them anyway.Thanks!

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