puch model

Is there a way to tell what model of Puch I have? Is there a "secret code"with the vin# or something like that? The serial (vin) number is: 5321355. It's a 2hp 2speed and not a magnum and thats about all I know.

Re: puch model

I think that you can go to themopedjunkyard.com and check there. They have a vin number search I think. Look at the pictures in the picture post and find one that looks like your or better yet, post a picture of yours.


Re: How I tell them apart

Puchs with step-thru frames are Maxis, or Newports ( a fancy paint job ) the ones that look like motorcycles are Cobras, or Magnums. It doesn't really matter though, the engines basically the same and either model could be a two-speed. I don't know of any "secret code" associated with the VIN #.

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