Yo Fred...How's Delivery sound ?

Reeperette /

As I drive back and forth thru pontiac every day...it comes to mind....I can drop that FA50 off to ya, if I only knew where.

Hell, we need to get rid of a BBQ grill too, yours if ya want it.

You want fries widdat ?

The phone here ain't up yet, phone there (flint) we prolly wont be near often enough to bother with, and my E-mail can currently recieve, but not send (thank you frikkin comcast, you bastards...) Sooooo.

Just drop the info to the roomies... ZiatheCat@Aol.com...and we'll call ya er somethin.

No basement in new place, so it's kinda time critical (within 14days) to get it dropped off.


FYI - Conversion is apparently successful, but I ain't even had time to sit on it since...so...no way to know on effectiveness...tho the CDI does kick the juice out, so make note on that for Bullet CDI Conversions.

Re: Yo Fred...How's Delivery sound ?

Sounds great.. I apologize for not coming and getting it.

It was kinda low on the priority list.

But.... What route do you take goin thru Pontiac ?

I'm only a mile or 2 south of M-59...near Cass Lake Rd (just past the Waterford Meijers)

And I have a friend who lives even closer to 59 to make it easier for you to just drop off. (he's on Cass Lk rd)

Re: Yo Fred...How's Delivery sound ?

Reeperette /

We're takin US-23 thru the area, both ways...and I know where M59 is, mostly.

Beyond that, I have good maps.

BBQ Grill, new...yours too if ya like, or anyone else's who wants it living in the general vicinity of our route....hell, if the Ann Arbor mopedarmy branch wants it, they can have it as a donation, sure....just need to be rid of it, is all.

Her Email fer pertinent details is ZiatheCat@Aol.com , since mine ain't werkin for shite...damn Comcast, and mannn do I have some bitchin there, but save that for another time.

A36"R" won't start, but I haven't had any time to figure out why, prolly just haven't tried enough, got fire, gas, compression, timing, it's all good.


Re: Yo Fred...How's Delivery sound ?

OK... I'll email ya... I'll prob take the grill too... I have been looking for one for my boat for a while.

And maybe I could meet you out by 23 then... because you have to come East 20 miles to get to Pontiac.

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