Taking BiTurbo Apart (?)

I want to get my biturbo apart, so I can take out the fiberglass inside to make it louder...How do I do this? Theres an a metal cap at the end, that if I push really hard on I can get it to go back about half an inch...Theres also non bendable clips holding the cap in from coming all the way out.

Re: Taking BiTurbo Apart (?)

U gotta take out the circlip. It is the thing that looks like a C with to circular ends. I pry it out with a screwdriver. Once then, pull that cap off, and then there is a spring. After, use a screwdriver to scrape the leftover fiberglass.

I did that to my biturbo since all the insulation was disinigrated, and it doesnt make it much louder. If u want to make it loud. dont put the cap back on.

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