About to die of curiosity

Well,it's been a while and unless it came today while I'm at work,I haven't yet received my Polini 60cc kit.It's killin' me waitin' for it when I could've had it running either of my many days off work in weeks past.I e-mailed `mopedwarehouse' today and asked about it,but no reply yet.Even at my old age I can still get a little impatient.Good weather's getting rarer as we approach December,I know.Anybody know the feelin'?

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I know the feeling. It gets worse when you order them from overseas. I've been waiting on two new kits (one for me and one for a neighbor) from Italy for an eternity (well, all right, not that long...I sent payment on 9/29 and they were shipped on 10/30). Needless to say, I come home from work each day only to be disappointed by no new packages...


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It seems that the stuff that you really really want has to come from The furthest point and gets the snail tratment. I've ordered a few things from over seas even more from Canada. It seems though that sometimes the stuff that I order from the other side of the same state takes the longest.

If you weren't really jonesing for it, it would have been delivered in a couple of days.

I think its one of Murphy's laws or something.


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Yeah,Chris and Jamie.I think it COULD BE Murphy's Law or something related.Kinda' like `a watched pot never boils' only it's `a watched mailbox never gives'.LOL!Hope your kits work well,Chris!

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I waited over 7 weeks for a clutch pulley here in riding weather shortened Canada.My heart goes out to you. bruce

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Thanks,Bruce! That helps some to have some commiserating done.Man it is making me wonder if I'm as patient as I thought I was! I guess I am like a kid in a candy store a nickel short of buying my favorite.Hands are tied.

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Yeah I know the feeling Don.

I've got loads of stuff on order for my NU50 - stuff that once put on will provide a huge 'transformation kick' and get it ready for its first MOT.

I've ordered a chrome round headlight to replace that old plastic rectangle one.

As soon as its done I'll post pictures.

Thing is, I can't spray paint in the winter weather we've got at the moment in UK, so it'll look tatty for a few months - main thing is to get MOT and get on the road!

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Right,Phil! It's killin' me!Hope you get her purrin' like a kitten! But clue me! Maybe I'm having brain cramp,but what does MOT stand for?( I hope it's something decent). (:>]


Philip Illman /

MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport and is the UK annual test for all vehicles to check if they're roadworthy. They can then have their road tax.

I've noticed DOT on this forum which I guess is your equivalent standing for Department Of Transport?

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