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<HTML>I don't know anything about the electrics of a spree, but I do know about making it run a little bit faster.

Easy things to do:

- Take out the exhaustmufflers, this will improve the airflow through the engine and give some extra power. The sound of the bike will change completely.

- Replace the airfilter with a powerfilter. Same airflow-thing.

- If your bike has any electrical restrictors, take them out.

- Pump up your tires a little harder.

- If you've got adjustable shockbreakers, set them harder. This will decrease the comfort while driving a bit but will increase the accelleration and top speed a little.

- Use different feul, high octane and racing oil instead of standard mix. Make sure the mixratio is correct or you'll damp the plug if there's too much oil or wear down piston, cylinder and crankshaft in no time if there's too little.

Medium difficulty:

- Replace the carburettor (the complete carb with manifold) for a larger one. Larger carb, better airflow. There is no such thing as a carb being too big, except for the fit. The chokes on most carbs are not automatic, and certainly not electric and are the last things to give problems. Replacing the carb is expensive but also one of the most effective things to do. Make sure to calibrate the carb correctly.

- Put on an oversize cylinder and piston. More expensive than the carb, and when you've got more cc's a bigger carb is needed anyway. More cc's in combination with a big carb gives lots of power.

- Grind down the cylinderhead. Be carefull, it's got to be done propperly or not at all, it's very easy to ruin the head. This will increase the compression ratio. A higher compessionratio will increase power and feul-efficiency.

- Use a thinner cylinderheadgasket, this has the same effect as grinding down the head, except there's no way to ruin the head. Gaskets are very cheap.

- Replace the exhaust for a race-exhaust. Much better than removing the exhaustmufflers, also more expensive.

- If the accelleration of the bike is very high but top speed isn't, change the gearratio. A bigger one in front and/or a smaller one at the rear. This will increase top speed at the cost of accelleration. If you have no accelleration to start with the topspeed will only drop.

- Get wider and thicker tires, slicks or intermediates.

- If you've got the ignitiontiming in the flywheel (so no CDI), replace the flywheel for an advancing flywheel. This will advance the spark at high revs, wich increases the power at high revs and increases the revs the engine can reach.


- Racecrankshaft

- Racing-multipleplated-clutch

- Racing-gearbox

I'm sure there are a couple of things I forgot, but these are the basic things to make your bike go a little faster.</HTML>

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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