Tomos Moped Problem


My Tomos Moped always shuts down while it is cold once the engine gets warm it runs great30-35mph

Can anybody help


RE: Tomos Moped Problem

<HTML>Just use the choke, that's what its for.</HTML>

RE: Tomos Moped Problem

GM Rockin /

Non mechanical question... but perhaps from experience you may be able to help us...

Attention Tomos Dealers - Rentals and Sales....

We want to start a Tomos dealership in Missouri with Rentals and Sales in a tourism town. We cannot find an insurance company to insure us for the rental business..

Can you help us out and point us in the direction of an insurance agency that might help us?

I spoke with Doug Joseph over at Tomos in South Carolina... he suggested that I reach out to other dealers who may have such knowledge...

Atlantic Alliance use to insure moped rental businesses, but no longer do so...

We sure would appreciate a small response to our request...

Thanks much, or 1 (800) 914 - 1033 (George)

RE: Tomos Moped Problem

WOW! Talk about old threads!What I would do is call an INDEPENDENT AGENT from the yellow pages.They generally know a lot about the other companies and they have access to some crazy coverages.OR call `MOPED HOSPITAL' in Key West,FL and ask them this question.

Re: Tomos Moped Problem

u have to turn the idle screw up andmakesure the engine warms up long enough before u ride it

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