just got a cimatti need help

yeah my friend had this little scooter/moped thing at his house that didnt run and i wouldent even kick over. yesterday i took it off his hands because i wanted to use the back swing arm and tire for a brigs n stratton powered schwinn chopper im building. now that its at my house i am thinking about fixing and riding it around instead of using its parts for my bike. i dont really know much about scooters but right now im taking apart the engine and trying to get it going. any info you could give me would be very helpfull as i dont know any thing about this thing and no body i know does iether. im in so cal.thank you

Re: just got a cimatti need help

ok ... is this a scooter ... or a moped? ... if it's a cimatti moped (w/ a minarelli engine), then we can help you out. follow the link "resources" and look for an article called "how to fix your moped". follow that through. post back if you have any questions.

Re: just got a cimatti need help

hey the piston is seised up.damn. my friend didnt hav the exhaust pipe on the whole time it was outside and the moisture must hav siesed it

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