Repost of this older message. I'm sure that their are some Motobecane Model 7 owners on this forum, and I was hoping they have 5 min to help me.

Previous message :

Hi Mopetiers,

I just finished restoring the Motobecane Model 7 I recently bought (see some before and after pictures here -> ) But as you might see on the pictures, I

Re: Sidepanels

I can't help, but keep watching the parts forum as well as checking E-bay every few days.

Re: Sidepanels

Ron Brown /


I have 2 model 7s, unfortunately, I dont have a camera, digital or otherwise.

The panels are fairly complex stampings, have you contacfed the junkyards in the resourcrs section regarding these?

Alternatively, post your location in the hope that there is a Model 7 owner near you so that you could look at the panels.


Re: Sidepanels

FYI, you could probably use the forum search feature in the buy/sell forum and see if any have ever been offered. they might just be in someones garage still.

Who knows--- this site has a ton of information archived.

Re: Sidepanels

Hey, Wim---

I did the search I mentioned in the previous post. There's 64 items in the past that come up from a search of "all dates" for "Motobecane Parts".

Even if the bikes referenced are already sold, you'll know who the Moby experts around here are.

Here's the link-- You may have to cut/paste it.

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