Spedometer/Odometer Trouble

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<HTML>I have a 1980 Pacer Moped. I've been having trouble with my spedometer/odometer; it hasn't worked in months. The spedometer doesn't register any speed, and the odometer doesn't turn at all; despite the fact that I've put almost 300 miles on the thing, I'd estimate. I've taken the cable off, and I know it isn't being turned by the part that attaches the cable to the hub of the wheel. Anybody have any idea on how to fix this problem?</HTML>

RE: Spedometer/Odometer Trouble

<HTML>As long as you have the cable disconnected at the wheel, try spinning its' end making sure it is engaged with the speedo head. If the needle on the speedo moves, the problem is with the drive on the wheel. this unit must be replaced. If the cable spins but the needle stays at zero, the square hole the cable fits into the speedo head is stripped. You'll have to get another speedometer.</HTML>

RE: Spedometer/Odometer Trouble

<HTML>my speedometer was busted too. problem was in the speedometer drive. all i had to do was bend a piece back into place on the speedo drive. i think it's best to always try and fix a part on a ped first before looking to replace it.

but sometimes you just need a part. for that i've found www.themopedjunkyard.com to be a pretty reliable site for parts in general. check it out if you need. they ship really fast (2-3 days)</HTML>

RE: Spedometer/Odometer Trouble

<HTML>I've had the same problem on my Honda ss50, my first thought was the spedometer but it was ok. So I thought it was the cable, wasn't it, the problem is inside your front wheel. Insinde the wheel there's a gear with a metal clip on it that's fals into the wheelcasing so when the wheel turns, the gear turns. (the gear drives the cable) The problem was that the clip was worn loose from the gear over the years so I bent it back to shape (like Dave did), but the problem returned after 2 weeks, so the best thing to do is get a new gear and clip.

Some mopeds have a plastic gear, if yours does it could also be that the gear itself is worn.

P.S. Use coppergrease on your axel, DON'T use lithiumgrease, that turns to glue after a while. I found that out the hard way.</HTML>

RE: Spedometer/Odometer Trouble

hi i have a 1979 sachs and i had the same problem until i visited the mopedjunkyard.com the place has lots of parts including the speedometer/odometer cable you see itis the sme cable that control the same thing so remember it is only one cable

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