making a PA50II a little faster...

any suggestions? i run at a steady 27-30 now... i want a little more speed. willing to sacrifice bottom end, to a degree.. i have plenty of ass to spare.


Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

XBrandon EdgeX /

Someone posted something a while ago about adjusting the weights in the variator pulley to give it a larger range. Do a search for "pa50 variator"

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

right on, thanks brandon...


Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

i did the search and couldnt find anything... any more suggestions?? anyone??

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

Here is the URL for the thread that CR talked about his 'variator ramp mod'

And in his post... he lists a link to "Gangly Jeffs" PA50 mod.

Don't bother with Gangly Jeffs 'adding lead weights' mod... its no good as far as I am concerned.

CR's 'ramp' mod... IS good... and he gained a lot with that as he says there.

And adapting a BiTurbo will get more mph also.

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

hey fred.. thanks for the link.. i actually emailed CR last night and he sent me the link.. im going to give it a go this weekend...

how would you suggest adapting a biturbo? honda's have those funny little exhaust boxes and i cant figure out how to make it work.. without getting in the way of the pedals... would it involve cutting the exhaust?

and you think i should just cut the variator ramp and NOT add the weights?


Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

Just remove the exhaust box totally... you don't need it.

The new pipe runs right under the right side long plastic cover thing.

(look at 'Gangly Jeffs' pics)

Definitely do CR's ramp cut.

Don't bother with the weights... I say its backwards from what you need ( but you can always toss some weights in any time to try it later).

Here is the problem... I am an experienced mechanic/fabricator/modifier

I have done lots of stuff like this.

I have all the tools and equipment to do this stuff.

Both the exhaust and ramp cutting take some skill and knowledge that I don't know if you have.

If you are in school.. maybe they have a shop class or instructor that can help?

If not... and you don't have the welding equipment... you will have to find a welding shop to do it for money.

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

Plus... if you search for a thread for Honda "Camino"... there is a Brit there who bought all the parts to make his Camino (PA50) do 45 mph.

And he lists a source for a pipe from the Netherlands that you wouldn't have to modify at all.

He is the guy who posted racing movies of his PA50 on here.

Just cut the 'grooves'

Here is what I would do Casey.... do the variator ramp mod per CR by itself... CR says it gained him 6 to 9 mph.

that ought to be enough for you... and it won't cost a dime

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

hey fred.. thanks for the tip.. i found the site in holland that sells the exhaust i need... now i justhave to figure out how to order it... and maybe find someone who speaks dutch. =]

im not terribly experienced, but im gonna give it a go.. i think between me and the rest of our crew in cincinnati, we can figure out the ramp mod. plus, i have a dremel.. i may wait until i get the exhaust and see what that does... or wait until i find a variator to replace the one i cut if we mess it up.

where are you located? maybe you can help! haha.. thanks buddy..

Re: Just cut the 'grooves'

point taken... if i can get speed for free, im all for it.. wait, that sounded weird..

ill do it up tomorrow and let you & CR know how it turned out...

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

Casey, did you check the flux capacitor? :)


Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

crisis.. yeah, i did the flux capacitor mod, and...

now i top out at 88 mph! but i lost hella bottom end...

1.21 gigawatts!

Re: making a PA50II a little faster...

Anthony Tod /

Messin with your variator weights can be dodgy, look at this pic of our nylon rollers.

We had a selectoin of weights with metal cores to play with the speed at which the gear changed up, acceleration is everything in our racing.

We were wondering why it wouldn't change up near the end of the last race!

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