what is it?

Im sure anyone with any moped knowledge would know the name of this piece I am trying to replace, but i barely know anything about them. When i open the head of the cylinder, there is a thin piece of metal separating the head from the rest of the cylinder. what is it?

Re: what is it?

Cylinder Gasket?

Re: what is it?

Depends on the make of the moped. Always post the make and model to get an accurate answer.

That piece you refer to is either a head gasket or shim. A head gasket is necessary. A shim like the Puch uses is put in to lower the compression, and it will run better without it.

Read Fred's Guide here to learn the basics, and you'll be on the road to understanding you machine.


Re: what is it?

Ron Brown /


You are confusing us here. I had to search for your original thread to figure out that you are the guy with the "hole in his cylinder".

Start this thread over again with a reasonable title. One that may attract others with knowledge of your ped and or engine. Describe the ped and problem again, then maintain that thread so we can keep track of what is going on.

With that out of the way, what is the condition of the head and cylinder mating surfaces, cylinder bore, piston and rings.

Replacing the head gasket (this is the answer to your question) will be a waste of time if you do not correct any other problems.


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