Garelli ;serious help need


i have this 80 garelli in which i can't solve the problem. After damn near having a nerv breakdown i will ask.HELP! I ran 2 places out of flywheel keys.

I try to set the timing .

points are set

timing mark on engine and flywheel match and the dial on the piston all line up.

But i can't get the points to just open.the nearest i can get is 5-6 ths.if i rotate the stator to set the timing,when the whole way back the points are allway open.rotate forward the closest .005- 006 to close . I can't get the just open and timing marks to happen at the same time.what am i missing. Thanks Dan

No offense.... but...

.... Ha hahahahahahahahaha.

Dude... I read it a few times... and I can't help but start laughing as I get about halfway thru... I just don't understand all that you are trying to say.

Why have you used so many flywheel keys ?

I am thinking you have the WRONG flywheel key and it is holding the flywheel crooked or something.

There are about 3 kinds of flywheel keys.

Maybe order the correct one from a moped shop?

You can't get the points to 'just open"... the closest you can get is 5 or 6 thou?

What are you trying to set them at?

They should be at 12 to 16 thou normally.

Dial on the piston?

Are you saying you are using a dial indicator for piston location ?

Anyway..... and maybe somebody else can understand better.

Re: Garelli ;serious help need

Ron Brown /


I am confused by your post. It probably does not matter, but why did you use so many flywheel keys?

When you rotate the stator plate from the clockwise to the counterclockwise limit, are you saying that the points are allways open or allways closed or are you saying that you just can't get them to open at the timing mark?


Re: No offense.... but...

Ron Brown /


I think he meant serious help with his english. : )


Re: Garelli ;serious help need

Ah! you guys don't like puzzles

Re: Garelli ;serious help need

Ron Brown /

Hey, I tried for a solution, : )

Did I win?


Re: Garelli ;serious help need

Dan,are you sure your rubbing block on your points that rides the flywheel cam is not worn down or nearly gone?Also,I went to Auto Zone the other day and bought an assorted pack of flywheel keys.One was perfect thickness for my Franco-Morini but I may have to grind the height a little.

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