The Whereabouts of Bill Babbitt

Tom Cavnar /

<HTML>I know this has little to do with mopeds...sorry.

I'm looking for my friend Bill Babbitt, who recently disappeared, to my knowledge.

He's a member of the Kalamazoo, MI Decepticon Moped Army. If anybody knows where he might be found or how to reach him, please drop me an email.

-Tom Cavnar</HTML>

RE: The Whereabouts of Bill Babbitt

Simon King /

<HTML>You should be able to reach him through email at <a href=""></a>. I believe he is living in Delton until later this month when he'll move in the Deceptiplex with Jake. If you're reading this Bill, set us straight on your plans...</HTML>

RE: The Whereabouts of Bill Babbitt

so sad. Yawn.

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