Rizzato Califfe Moped and Hello!

Hi there peeps...gotta say i love the site. I never rode a moped until today and i just bought 2 of them on sunday. I bought a 95 tomos targa lx for me for 450, it kicks ass. I get it mailed to me in like a week. And for my girlfriend i bought a 1978 rizzato califfe de luxe with 586 original miles on it for 183 bones. The rizzato needs a throttle control cause the cable snapped and there is no handle grip on the handle bars and i need a tail light for it. Does anyone have either of these? or know where to get them? I would appreciate it. Email me as soon as you can. Also, if any one has more info on these rizzato things, let me know. there is nothing on them. peace


Re: Rizzato Califfe Moped and Hello!

can't tell you any info on your model ... but most any moped shop should be able to get you the throttle cable and hande grips. they are pretty standard, especially on italian bikes. call handybikes, akron moped, or moped junkyard. i think zippy moped is the place in california, or vespa supershop. links to them are found on this website uner "resources". good luck.

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