Honda Spree Starting Trouble

<HTML>Hi - I have Honda Spree that starts fine and then dies after about 10-15 seconds. If I open the throttle it dies instantly. I have a good spark, the electric choke seems to be working ok (it gets warm after a while). The air filter is clean and oiled and I see no airleaks. I have dismantled and cleaned the carb and jets - all seems ok.

Now the interesting part - if I remove the choke assembly and stick my thumb over the hole it will start and idle quite nicely forever - still dies when I give it gas though. Also, if I remove the airhose and stick my hand over the intake it to feel for vacuum I get lots of gas and seems like plenty of suction. Not only that but when I reconnect the air filter the engine will then start and rev quite nicely for about 30 seconds before dying again - my guess is from all the gas in the manifold. If I look at the plug it seems a little wet but that's kind of understandable considering the hoops I'm going through. I'm at a loss as to whether this engine is getting too much gas or not enough.... Any ideas? Not enough compression maybe? Engine worn out? I'm baffled.


RE: Honda Spree Starting Trouble

<HTML>2 posibilities:

1. I'm don't know if a spree has an oilpump to spray the oil into the mix or if it uses an oilmix, but if it has an oilpump it could be opened up too wide, so the mix will be too damped.

2. More probable, your feulmix is either way to rich or way to lean (probably rich if the plug is wet), so you need to buy a couple of jets of different sizes and try with wich zise the mixture is good. (1 jet is about $2.--)

If your sparkplug is:

- white with deposits, you've got too much oil in the mix

- grey or white (but clean), you're mix is too lean

- black, you're mix is too rich

- black, damped and with carbondeposits, you're mix is way too rich and there's too much oil in the mix.

Because a 2-stroke gets it's mix through the carter, it takes a while for the new mix from the carb to reach the cylinder, so the changes you make to the carb will have a delayed effect.</HTML>

RE: Honda Spree Starting Trouble

<HTML>Thanks for the info. The Spree has an oil pump that injects oil into the carb manifold - I suppose I could poke around with this but how do you adjust it? Could I disconnect the oil feed line (very) temporarily and see if it keeps running??? hmmm..... I'll try that this weekend and see what happens. Its funny how two strokes have so few moving parts but are always so damn touchy.


RE: Honda Spree Starting Trouble


You can adjust the oilpump by setting the length of the cable attached to the pump.

The oilcable is probably directly connected with the gascable so after resetting the length you should also reset the lenght at the carb. (well they were connected on my Honda MT50)

When you run the engine with the oilfeed loose, the engine wont be getting any lubrication and that will really kill any moving part in the engine.

Do not disconnect the oilfeed before the oilpump, there will be air in the feed and pump. When there's air in the pump it wont work, and it's a lot of trouble getting it right again. When you've disconnected the feed after the pump there will be air in this feed untill it's pushed out by the oil coming from the pump, this means the engine will have to run with very poor lubrication for a few minutes so let it run idle for about 10 minutes.

For adjusting the amount of oil in the mix, just set the cable.

By the way, I still think that youre problem is the feul/air-mix, try closing the airscrew (next to the throttlestop-screw) completely (not too tight) and then open it 450 degrees. (that's one full turn and one quarter of a turn). This should be the propper standard setting of the airscrew, the optimal setting wont be more than one quarter of a turn away.</HTML>

RE: Honda Spree Starting Trouble

I had the same problems with my spree. I would start it up and it would die right away. I cleaned the card and i cleaned the air filter and nothing seemed to work. So then i thought it was the the choke, so i toke the choke off and started it up, so i could see if the choke was working. So just for the hell of it, I disconnected one of the choke wires so it would disable the choke. Then sure enough it started like new, it takes about 2 minutes to warm up properly, and then its good to go. I'm not sure if you fixed your scooter yet, but if you haven't try this, it may work.

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