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Where do you buy a carb at? I have one on my ped but it definately isn't right (kinda runs kinda doesn't start easily). Thanks

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Jon Dalton /

Find out what make of carburetor it is, people here will know based on what kind of moped it is. Then you can check on e-bay for a carburetor like yours, but make sure not to pay too much. People go crazy over some of the harder to find carburetors. Search for 'carb' and 'carburetor', most of them just say carb. Also there are some moped shops in the links section of this page that sell carburetors.

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Make sure you need to replace it and not just rebuild it or even just clean it. There isn't too much that can go wrong with a carb that would cause you to need to replace it. If you are not sure which carb you are supposed to have, you might look at some diagrams of carbs for your particular moped. Also, always state what kind of moped you have. It really helps. Some of these guys can tell you right off what you are supposed to have and what will go wrong with it.

The most likely thing is for the float to get stuck, jet to get crudded up or needle valve to stop working. The carb that I pulled off of my Suzuki fa50 had all 3. It had so much crud in the bowl, there wasn't any room for anything else.


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Ron Brown /


Jamie is right. Why do you think you need a carb? The symptoms you describe could be spark plug, wire, coil, condensor, points, timing, compression, carboned exhaust, air leak, phase of the moon, time of the tide, just to name a few. : )


Re: buy a carb

go to pep boys.. be sure to buy a gask can and a match

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