OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES seek b

hate to tell you but the creatures of the loin are coming your way. July 29th 2005 a crew of raiding marauding creatures will be leaving SF and traveling to seattle along the 1 for the mosquito fleet blood drive. Any riders who want to join up are welcome to, as long as you bow to loinscum supremacy. We'll be busy planting our flag along the oregon coast, we expect no resistance. I think we'll be a puch only fleet, traveling at speeds in excess of 36mph on mostly modded cross country edition road warrior touring puchs, a smattering of magnums, some maxis...you know. We hope to rustle things up in oregon, so keep your maidens in the castle. I guess we are going to stop at seattle, but we could decide to turn our force to canada if provoked. We'll be a gang of one to ten people, err.

creatures seek blood

umm, that was supposed to say creatures seek blood but it got cut off. technology always get in the way of my threats.

Re: creatures seek blood

oregon and norcal riders beware creatures seek blood


in other news we came up on 3 magnums this weekend.....

http://www.creaturesoftheloin.com for the heathens

Re: creatures seek blood

up 101?

hmmm, I have vacation time now...

and I think I'll let you keep your loin-skum

that's just icky.

Re: creatures seek blood

yep, you got it bartell, 90,000 Prairie Rd. #16 you say?

Re: creatures seek blood

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Hey Mike, Double your hourly repair rate at your new shop.. You do work on puches. Right? he he Jim

Re: creatures seek blood

sure, sure what the hell.

You can't sleep in the shop- the landlord'll get pissed.

Oh yeah- I'm a lot closer to 99 than 101. 101 is a hell of a lot nicer too.

You guys want a BBQ if you show up in Eugene?

I'm sure you'll have plenty of tenderloin to cook up.

(OK, it was a bad, bad joke... I couldn't help myself.)

Re: creatures seek blood

OH we got tenderloins allright, but you might not like the flocking creatures that shoot out of them.

beware, Bbq sounds great. ha

Re: creatures seek blood

Oh man, must inform guru. Were planning on sending recon maniacs, but this sounds intriguing. Maybe they'll need a couple Tomos to remobilize fallen Puchs

Re: creatures seek blood

I may be able to meet you in Florence, the closest 101 town to Eugene. E-mail me and I'll see what I can do for something....

I may not have the money to make it all the way to Seattle.

Re: creatures seek blood

i admire your attempt at taking oregon, but be warned; mosquito fleet rules seattle with a fiery 2-stroke fist of might and glory.

your valiant efforts will be crushed once you cross into the emerald city by near fifty local moped maniacs bent on a destruction-filled weekend.

to those loins about to die, we the mosquito fleet salute you.

Re: creatures seek blood

crumbs, you can keep seattle, we'll be content with most of california (minus all land myrons & guru claim of course), oregon and where ever else we decide to lay claim to along the way. I guess the truth will come out when we cross into washington. If there's mosquitos at the border it's yours, otherwise, ha, invaders in the home state.

Re: creatures seek blood

you guys should come through redding and have a dip at lake shasta

Re: creatures seek blood

I was just at mt. shasta this weekend. Admittedly I made a small incursion into redding to pick up a 78 magnum xk. forgive me.

Re: creatures seek blood

Seattle or not, we will certainly take claim of Portland, Oregon. Alice says we can, and she's a Portland native.

Along the way, I would like to stop in Tacoma, Washington to chain-slap a furniture company that screwed me and a business buddy out of $3750. We will drop our claim to Tacoma if some Mosquitoes come help.

Re: creatures seek blood

who are you mikohabashi and where do you dwell,

I am sorry Portland is already ours, we will be cruising with a fleet of about 6-10, and we can't be stopped , we got flags and all. sorry ol bud.

Re: creatures seek blood

Hey, I grew up in Portland. That's _my_ town.

But we can share it, oh creatures.

Re: creatures seek blood

ah , maybe while everyone's away, Santa Barb & points north shall become Myron-Guru 19th Province

Re: creatures seek blood

what does THat mEAN?

Re: creatures seek blood

mikohabashi is creature jay you goons

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

there's a chapter beginning here in pdx.

let us know when you're here and we will ride like lightning.



Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

I'll tell you what, we will split Portland right down the middle, we want burnside and all the thrift stores, as well as all the hot girls, ohhh and the gay clubs, you can have whats left.

as for Tacoma you can have that if you take it with you when you leave, also you Californians have been leaving a lot of trash in our state, if you want to take all of them back with you as well us Washingtonians would be quite happy.

Brendan and Kevin are excluded as they are really Mexicans, being that san Diego was unfairly annexed from Mexico by the U.S.

Viva La Resistance

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

maybe you can share burnside for the day, and you can have the gay clubs for sure. see you there.

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

portland oregon has the largest amount of strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the us of a

or at least thats what they tell me

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

uh that's Vancouver BC

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

You fool. Portland is twenty five percent of our moped supply, until they wise up and become something. That's right. You heard me, Portland.

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se


Born in Washington. Just like Washington Apples, I am the best it gets. Unlike you Vermont Leech.


Any 'claim' you 'intend' make is fine. But you have to be fools to think we even care. I want to see the enthusiasm on your faces after your cross over the Cascades! HA!

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se

psssst- I don't think 101 goes over the cascades?

Crap, now I gotta get a map.

I have applied for a tax number, wholesale will be soon. untill then, I have no parts.

Re: OREGON & NORCAL riders beware CREATURES se



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