to jamie and Ron Brown

Hey guy thanx for the help. I turns out that it's not the decompression valve, thats in place and working. this hole is on the side of the piston housing and i can see welding residue around the hole. as i pedal, gas mist shoots out of the hole. my question now is, Do i try to weld the hole up or do i buy a new housing? and if i buy a new housing, where can i get one(i dont know which model it is, it just says motobecan with no number)?

Re: to jamie and Ron Brown

Ouch, do you mean the cyliner?

Re: to jamie and Ron Brown

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It does not sound good, take off the head and cylinder. Welding is out of the question.

After you figure out what you need, post a Motobecane Parts question and hopefully someone will respond.


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