BiTurbo on a Tomos

I got my BiTurbo today!!!

What a differance, I'm not sure if my old exhaust was clogged or what but I'm loving this thing. It is awsome the change in power it made.

I got two jets with it and cannot wait to do some testing.

I also understand the need for the side stand and will be ordering one soon!

what jets do some of you guys use?

I have a Tomos Targa with the original carb.

Re: BiTurbo on a Tomos

what year? I was told old ones= replace the carb, but you didn't need to with the new ones...

Re: BiTurbo on a Tomos

Its a 1999

Re: BiTurbo on a Tomos

put a 54 jet in it thats the best way to go. the biturbo leans out the mixture slightly because of the way it works it litterally makes more gas air mixture go into the cyl which makes a bigger explosion and it sorta sucks the exaust out. a stock muffler will restrict the engine a lot.

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