Injury Photos

Be careful, and look out for the other guy.

Here's the chunk missing from my leg.... this was taken today, the accident occured on August 19th....

Re: Injury Photos

Here's a good shot of my smashed knee-- That's doing much better.

This wasn't my old dude (75) ran a stop sign...

Re: Injury Photos

Final Photo--

This is my arm, much better than just after it smashed through his driver's side window...!

Re: Injury Photos (couldn't resist)

I had to dig up one of the photos from when it was freshly bashed apart.


Re: Injury Photos (couldn't resist)

Kyle Fluck /


Re: Injury Photos

Are these injuries from a moped wreck?

Re: Injury Photos

Yes--- An old fellow crossed the road in front of me, and basically, I drove into the side of his car at 30-35 mph.... I was going downhill, so I was at total top speed...

My leg was pinned between the car and the moped, so when I flew over the car, my leg was torn, bashed and broken.

So be careful on those mopeds-- I always thought I'd be the one who did something dumb--- braking on wet leaves or rear ending a car while looking at pretty girls or something.... there was nothing I could have done to prevent this....

It was better that I hit the side of his car, instead of being run over by him.

Re: Injury Photos

Shit man!

Re: Injury Photos

Boy! Wayne,I hope that leg heals O.K..It doesn't look very well.No diabetes I hope,which would prevent it healing fast?Keep up your spirits,Gadget Man!

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