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You know, I'm looking at heavier duty shocks, and if I could make them fit, I'd add some hydraulics on the front and rear so I could bunny hop while doing 30.

I want a vintage ped, that I can keep stock and a new one to turn into a james bond moped.

I've attached a sprayer to the rear.... it worked, but never used it on a tailgater.. I'm going to get a big 'whip' antenna, and put it up as high as I can legally go, and then run some LED's to it. I can use ultra-fine wire, if I keep the current low... some of those new LED bulbs can produce an amazing amount of light for a light power load.

Someone said they had a P.A. system on their moped-- now that's a nice idea. "Hey you..asshole in the SUV....Get a Clue...Please.." at 150 watts-- wow.

Oh, yes... if you can bolt it to a moped, I've probably considered it... but I'm still taking suggestions!

I want to get a "backup beeper" so at red lights, I can make everyone wonder what and who is backing up. I don't know why, but I find this about as funny as can be.

Plus, I'm kind of a show-off, I guess. When you have a super cool moped, and you pop a little wheelie people think it's neat. Then you turn on the stereo switch.... so loud... rocking out Fat Boy Slim..... they usually give the "thumbs up" then I hit the air horns for a final shock.

People's jaws drop... no kidding.

Brand New Moped: 1,200 dollars

Airhorns and Battery: 50 dollars

Scaring the living shit out a crummy driver with your airhorns: Priceless.

I've scared some people who really deserved it..... seeing a jerk who nearly ran you over panic for his life when you stop quick right next to his open driver side window and hit the horns (which pivot to the left or right with a little twist) is a great thing.

The moped stereo has evolved over the last ten years. I began with a mountain bike (no motor or engine), so I've encountered almost every problem someone would run into in doing this on either type of vehicle.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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