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This spring, when I get a new bike, I'm going to put the loudest stereo ever. I've been working on a new wiring harness, and testing amplifier/speaker setups.

I want to get a chrome air-horn setup, but they are usually double the price of the basic automotive air horn and compressor.

I thought you might be interested to know that, although the moped was totalled, the Air Horns and stereo remained in one piece and stayed attached to the bike through the whole accident.

One rear speaker came off, and was ruined, but 2 of the speakers stayed attached and were ok--!

If I get a scooter, I'll be able to carry more batteries and perhaps even power the stereo from the Scooter battery--

I was hoping to power the Air compressor for the Air horns from the Tomos Targa Electrical system, but the compressor took too many amps, and would not work from the Targa horn connections--

I think a scooter will have more available amps and might put out a bit more voltage.... The less additional batteries, the more room for BASS speakers

When I designed the stereo, I had to keep the system totally seperate fromt the moped electrical.... So it's a pannier bag with an Amp, Stereo, and 12v gel cell battery. It detaches easily in case you need to go out in bad weather....

That Gel Cell, I cant say enough about it-- WOW, does it put out some power-- it's a 10 amp hour battery, but it would power an 80w amp and 3 speaker system on my ped for 6 to 8 hours constant use.

Winter is a good time to build a moped stereo.... although you can't actually road test it. I found that the toughest part was making a front bracket for the speaker-- you want that front speaker pointing right at your face, but you don't want it to jiggle the handlebars or get in the way of any wires or cables.

anyone interested ask, or do a search of the forum for tons of info about this project. Lots of photos were posted as well.


Re: Moped Stereo

are you going to put hydraulics shocks on also?

Re: Moped Stereo

You know, I'm looking at heavier duty shocks, and if I could make them fit, I'd add some hydraulics on the front and rear so I could bunny hop while doing 30.

I want a vintage ped, that I can keep stock and a new one to turn into a james bond moped.

I've attached a sprayer to the rear.... it worked, but never used it on a tailgater.. I'm going to get a big 'whip' antenna, and put it up as high as I can legally go, and then run some LED's to it. I can use ultra-fine wire, if I keep the current low... some of those new LED bulbs can produce an amazing amount of light for a light power load.

Someone said they had a P.A. system on their moped-- now that's a nice idea. "Hey you..asshole in the SUV....Get a Clue...Please.." at 150 watts-- wow.

Oh, yes... if you can bolt it to a moped, I've probably considered it... but I'm still taking suggestions!

I want to get a "backup beeper" so at red lights, I can make everyone wonder what and who is backing up. I don't know why, but I find this about as funny as can be.

Plus, I'm kind of a show-off, I guess. When you have a super cool moped, and you pop a little wheelie people think it's neat. Then you turn on the stereo switch.... so loud... rocking out Fat Boy Slim..... they usually give the "thumbs up" then I hit the air horns for a final shock.

People's jaws drop... no kidding.

Brand New Moped: 1,200 dollars

Airhorns and Battery: 50 dollars

Scaring the living shit out a crummy driver with your airhorns: Priceless.

I've scared some people who really deserved it..... seeing a jerk who nearly ran you over panic for his life when you stop quick right next to his open driver side window and hit the horns (which pivot to the left or right with a little twist) is a great thing.

The moped stereo has evolved over the last ten years. I began with a mountain bike (no motor or engine), so I've encountered almost every problem someone would run into in doing this on either type of vehicle.

Re: Moped Stereo

Crisis--Cincinnati /

Wow Wayne, you are going to look like a pimp! Hell geah.

The `Gadget Man' cometh

Welll,Wayne,I see you are plotting to overthrow the SUVs again.That old guy that hit you was probably paid for by GM,Ford,and Chrysler.Try to get on the `dishing it out' side of `Swarm and Destroy' THIS time `Gadget Man'.Anyway,you didn't let that wreck knock the spunk out of you.That's good!

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