Flat Feet for moped

I couldn't figure out how to attach the Pic, and the Work computers (where I'm at now) won't let you attach files.

So anyway, WTF is this?? Just funky pedals Footrests??

Here's a link:


Re: Flat Feet for moped

Crisis--cincinnati /

Yeah, that's wierd. I guess they just replace you pedal arms. That seems like a wierd position for your feet, but maybe.

Flat Feet for moped (Photo)

Here's a photo of what we're talking about


Re: Flat Feet for moped

gimmyjimmy /

they look like floorboards found on touring bikes,

the high bidder (only bidder) on that item is a regular on this forum, Doug D.

Re: Flat Feet for moped

Hey All, IF I`m winning bidder of the feet rest, will let you know if their any good, the same guy in Ohio sells them once in a while. Doug D.

Re: Flat Feet for moped

Ron Brown /


If you click on the instruction sheet in the ad, the purpose becomes clearer.

It looks like one end clamps between the pedal and crank using a male/female adapter, then the footrest extends bake past the crank spindle. It seems this would give you side by side footrests at the crank spindle. Sounds good except pedaling might be tough.


Re: Flat Feet for moped

Yeah,Doug,I deal with him a lot.He's good people.

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