A3/A5 Conversion/Moving.

Reeperette /

As some of ya know I happen to be moving, which has slowed down my work on the conversion, obviously.

Also, the new areas average speed limit is 50mph, instead of 35mph...so...there's gonna be some serious upgrading being done, or possibly another moped, tho damned if I will part with my Targa, ragged that it looks now.

As for conversion progress, so far, so good, about 70% of the parts cross over identically (the A3N variant probably has a higher compatibility) and the CDI seems to work as far as I can currently test it, so apparently, yes you can bolt a Targa CDI to an old Bullet instead of points.

Removing the flywheel from a Targa without a flywheel puller sucks (but we knew this, right?) and takes quite a while, my process was unbolting it, and then laying a towel around it to keep from scratching up the transmission case....slipping the hook part of a tire spoon under it, and another spoon, same way, at 180 degrees to the first, then tapping on the shaft lightly with a bodywork hammer as my friend pushed down hard on the spoons....if you've the patience, and no flywheel puller, it seems to work well enough.

As well, I won't be around for a while, since this computer is being dissassembled and packed as soon as I finish this post.

Ron...I haven't forgotten about the wrenches, and might be back thursday for a short period of time (don't count on it) but I will look into it as much as I can while trying to move a 3BR Townhouse w/basement into a 2BR luxury....oh, fun..

That, and I have to complete the Conversion before Fri...so...be seein ya fer a while.


Re: A3/A5 Conversion/Moving.

Ron Brown /


Good luck on the move.

Forget the wrench, see my other post.

Let us know where you are when you get there.


Re: A3/A5 Conversion/Moving.

Reeperette /

I am here for just a short bit, and then hafta get back to movin...but..

The Conversion is complete, and possible, although I had to simply use the A3 Trans entire cause one of the ^#%#^%#$^$ stripped out Hexkey bolts on the A5 just would not* come off, and time became a problem.

The Cyl is A5, Piston is A3, CDI works fine, Carb is the DelLorto, the A5 Cover panel (which you need to hold the washer to make the oil injector work) does fit on the A3 Trans casing....A3 Sprocket (not sure there's size difference, no time to check)...basically mix and match and grabbing what seemed to be the better part at the time....the A5 piston's rings are pathetically small, btw.

It started once, but once assembled I've had no time to fiddle with it, so more on that later...for now I am dubbing it an A36"R" engine.


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