Bonding Brake Pads

Philip Illman /

My front brake jammed (NU50MC). Dismantling it showed that the pads had come off the shoes. Is it possible to bond them back on to the shoes and with what?


Re: Bonding Brake Pads

I have yet to do this.

And I wouldn't have believed it 6 months ago.

But I have talked to people I trust.. who have said that you can go to places that sell brake pad material that you can simply cut to size (if necessary) and epoxy them to your cleaned metal 'shoes'.

It has also been done to a centrifugal clutch's 'shoes' by a person I trust.

The places you can get them are .... truck repair suppliers and vintage car restoration suppliers.

I'm not sure I would trust them on a high performance vehicle.... but for a moped or drum brakes on say.. a dirt bike... I think it will work fine.

I don't know however... if they are available in the proper thickness to suit a mopeds brakes.

Re: Bonding Brake Pads

yeah it can be done you can buy brake (disc) material from but it is for cushmans , I'm sure it can be cut to size and contact cement or epoxy to the shoes, and yeah its pretty cheap but it can be done to a centrifugual clutch which uses brake pads to go in stead of stop

Re: Bonding Brake Pads

Fred,if that's true you've come thru again! And saved us some big bucks! THANKS!

Re: Bonding Brake Pads

Yep it will work, but who has a arch grinder to put the proper arch on the shoes. Been there.... that is for shoes... Clutches you need exact thickness. An arch grinder, you fit the shoes to the drum. Doug D.

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