Steve's Moped

<HTML>I recently purchased a workshop manual from Steve's Moped.

I recieved it in the mail and it turns out it was a copy, or a moped manual created by Steve's with lots of typo's. I was curius if this is a common thing or not thanks.</HTML>

RE: Steve's Moped

<HTML>Some bikeshops sell photocopies of workshopmanuals because it's cheaper for them than selling new manuals, and those "homemade" manuals are usually good enough, but if you want a really good manual you should get the Haynes manual. The guys from haynes take everything apart themselves, make photo's of all the parts and then write a manual that contains everything there is to know. Their manuals are simply the best.</HTML>

RE: Steve's Moped

<HTML>I have an original Garelli manual circa. 1976 for my moped. There are alot of typos in it because the original edition was in Italian and was translated by the company first to The Kings English (British) and then to American English. I don't think moped companies bothered too much with grammar, but rather the content of the manual.


RE: Steve's Moped

<HTML>hey man

i bought a workshop manuel for a motron

moped with a minerelli engine in it and the

manuel i got is great in all the detail i

need to take the motor apart.

fyi ...just bought a vespa bravo that has

bad main bearings. now if ya want a really

simple motor check out a vespa moped</HTML>

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