targa lx break in

hi i just bought a tomos targa lx and i hear people talk about breaking it in............ i asked the dealer and he said you shouldent worry about it and to drive it how you would normaly would. Have i done something wrong i also put on 240 mi on it

Re: targa lx break in

Jamie Leonard /

Well for the first while you should avoid going at full throttle if possible, let it warm up before riding it, make sure at 500 kilometres to change the ATF fluid (gets rid of metal shavings from the new parts)

Oh and for the first little while, make sure not to get run over :)

Re: targa lx break in

I just got my Targa LX this weekend and the dealer said to be easy on the throttle for the first 200 miles. Don't run it full throttle all the time, no more than 30 MPH. There is some information in the TOMOS manual explaining what to do/don't during the break in period.


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