loss of power in second gear

<HTML>I lose pwr in second gear only, first gear operates fine. but only after about

20 mins of operation. I have a tomos 1999 targa lx.</HTML>

RE: loss of power in second gear

Hakachukai /

<HTML>I had a similar problem with my 97 Targa LX. I solved it making the gap in the sparkplug smaller. What ever it happens to be that is wrong, it's probabally realted to heat, because it only happens after it runs for 20 minutes.</HTML>

RE: loss of power in second gear

Yes, I would also join the opinion that the loss of power is caused by overheating. This can be caused by wrong timing or insufficient lubrication. Either check the timing or, if you have the oil mixed with gas automatically, check the whole oil supply duct. If you premix the oil manually, try increasing the oil content in fuel. Use of 2-stroke oil is preferable.

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