How long does it take for most online companies to ship your shit and get it to you? I.E.: Mopedwarehouse, mopedjunkyard, mopedsonline? I placed an order Tuesday for Moped junkyard and it's taking forever!

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SteelToad /

Dude, calm down a little.

Lets say you ordered in the middle of the day tuesday, you order might not have

even gone out till wednesday at the earliest. For even regular mail from

Ocean City Md to St. Louis is going to take a couple of days at least.

Now consider all of the seasonal backups starting, new security measures being

put in place, not to mention that St. Louis is a MAJOR hub for the nation for lots

of shippers and airlines.

You must really be anxious for what you ordered :)

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Arterious /

I have ordered tons of parts from the mopedjunkyard and they have had their orders out the same day or next day, all but ONE shipment made it here WITHIN 3 days of being shipped.

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Hello, I ordered a sidestand from mopedwarehouse in NJ, I live in VA, got it in 3 days, I feel lucky I figured atleast a week! They are a fine bunch to deal with!.PA> The sidestand is chrome, heavy duty, and cost only $22 to my door! I have bought from moped junkyard, took about 10 days. Good Luck! Doug D (VA)

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Did you pay for Next Day FedEx?

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Moped Junkyard takes about 3-5 days, sometimes 7. Mopeds online takes about 6 weeks (I've only bought from them once, and that's why). Moped Warehouse doesn't even respond to my parts requests, so I've never ordered from them. If you bought from the moped junkyard, check your mailbox on monday or tuesday. They'll be there.

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Hey,X-Brand! The parts request sheet at `MOPEDWAREHOUSE' is down right now(you can fill it out but they don't receive it),and you have to e-mail them directly.That's probably why you think you're being ignored.They've always been great for me.And Steeltoad is right,the packages are being checked by security scrupulously.THAT's WHY I haven't received my 60cc Polini kit already.Chris at mopedwarehouse says it's still on the shipping dock.(As of day before yesterday that is).

Just looked at ordering directions....

Hey Guys! I just went to their site and they say to e-mail parts requests to and they'll take your order.OR....toll free.........1-877-268-6909.....

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I emailed the mopedwarehouse (direct email I noticed that the parts request wasn't working) and they responded with a very good and detailed email the next day.

I do a lot of ordering for a few hobbies and if I get something in a week or less, I feal lucky. It's hard to wait for something that you are really Jonesing for. I've met the UPS guy in the street before because I was really wanting to get a package that I was expecting!!

Be patient on your order. If you don't get it in 5 buss. days, call on the 6th and talk to them, don't yell at that point.

Things do happen to hold orders up. I've had stuff shipped and called and called to the point that I thought I was being ripped off and given the run around only to find that my order was held up by UPS or USPS.

See if you can get the tracking number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always ask for the tracking number. If it cannot be shipped in a way that I can get a tracking number then I won't buy. UPS is great with tracking numbers. You can find out exactly where it is sitting (or supposed to be sitting). USPS, not quite as good but at least you know that it has been shipped when you get the number.


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Could it be that maybe Art lives close or closer, to the shipper? Just a thought. :)

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I know that it takes me about 6 working days to get a package to California from SC. via UPS

It took about 3 weeks to get a package to Canada via USPS the week after the bombing. The guy I was shipping to started to wonder, even after emailing the tracking number

Depending on which hubs and how many it has to go through can play a big diff.

Shipping to a bussiness address is faster too. (cheaper for both parties to via UPS)


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Right,guys!Can you imagine having to check all that stuff on those huge docks for security reasons? I'd say that would be a job a person could get that would have some sort of job security in these perilous times.But it could be kinda dangerous!

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