Puch decals

I am painting my Puch Maxi and would like to preserve or replace the decals. Has anyone been able to purchase replacement deals or should I forget about replacement and just mask them the best I can?

Re: Puch decals

XBrandon EdgeX /

A while back, someone posted about <a href="http://www.pelders.nl/index_eng.html">THIS SITE</a> that does reproduction transfers for different brands of mopeds and motorcycles.


(in case that hyperlink doesnt work)

Re: Puch decals

mopedwarehouse did have some. you can ask . Dan

Re: Puch decals

I posted that link. I e-mailed them and they sent me several samples of Puch decals they had. I don't think they have "exact" replacement decals for your Maxi but they have some other cool ones that you could use instead. That's what I did with my Magnum. Good luck!

Re: Puch decals

I am not sure wich ones you need but they have a picture of some that they have for sale at the moped warehouse. (there web sight isn't working right now for some reason. It tries to link you to the mopedking.com but doesn't work right.

If they get it working, maybe you can see the ones thy have for sale or call them. I'm sure they would send a picture of what they have.


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