Stolen Moped!

Andrew Spoering /

Some bastard stole my Motobecane! I was just getting the thing mostly put back together. It wasn't running currently (I was replacing the fuel line, and so that's missing, along with the right hand side chain cover), so they had to have used a truck. It's a yellow '77 mobelytte 50v in the Denver, CO area. If any one sees it or hears anything, please tell me.

Re: Stolen Moped!

Stole it from your yard? Or garage?

Re: Stolen Moped!

Simon King /

How was it locked up? I really think that we need to put together a security FAQ article. Good luck. I would suggest going out on the streets looking, don't just let the cops try and find it. Also, look alot right away. If you get it back in the first few days there will be a much better chance that it's in good condition still.


Get a SCREAMING alarm!

Hey,Andrew! The thing I use on my bikes is a Quorum Cyclock,which is a cable lock(not strong)accompanied with a shrieking alarm if the `ped is jostled.This is an effective alarm if you are within earshot of the bike or have good neighbors within earshot.I feel secure locking it with this in a public place.But an extra strong cable would be a good accompaniment for this set-up.This isn't a motion detector,but a vibration sensor,and if they cut the cable without vibrating anything,the alarm goes off anyway because the cable completes an electrical circuit.I SURE HOPE YOU OR THE POLICE CATCH THE LOW-LIFES AND YOU RECOVER YOUR `PED IN GOOD CONDITION.

Anti Theft

Reeperette /

REPOST (Older Post pasted here)

Hereya go folks, gadgets to make sure your ped stays YOURS.

No Reccommendation.

Bunch of sneaky Brits, but good at it, this is more complex stuff.

Model # TT7K is a personal Fav, $40.00 worth of real security.

Page three also has a handy thing fer keepin hands OFF yer 'ped.

I use Model # Charge1K myself, but it's a bit, umm..extreme for campus use.

Alarms are prettymuch ignored in this day and age of car alarms, tracking devices are much handier, most moped thieves don't go far....and as for preventing vandalism one of those zappers does a nice job of keeping hands off.

(Pity the doggie that lifted a leg on my ped a couple nights ago, but then, that's why they have leash laws..)

You shouldn't use common chain, it's just too easy to bust, I reccommend heavy aircraft or elevator cable (home depot has it !) and a pin-across lock, which looks like this.





But on-campus the most effective defense of yer wheels is an "example" or two of what happens to folks who mess with your moped...a little of that will go a long way.


Re: Anti Theft

I don't know where you are in Denver, but I did see a person pedaling a moped trying to get it started at 2nd and Bannock about a half hour ago. I ride my moped in that neighborhood a lot and haven't seen anyone riding before so maybe it is a lead. I was about two blocks away when I saw it. I thought the moped had baskets on it. Unfortunately, I am not good at identifying brands except I know it was not a Puch since that is what I ride.

Re: Anti Theft

I will be in Denver on tuesday, leaving wenesday. I will keep an eye out for your ped - what area of denver are you in? Oh, by the way, The Slackers are playing tuesday night at the Lions Lair. You should check them out, they are the best live band I've ever seen (they give me goosebumps every time I see them - they are that good!)

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