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I was checking a search engine (mopeds Burlington,NC) and it shows a newspaper story about people getting pulled for going over 20 mph, my scoot goes about 32 but they made this one guy have his fixed (100 dollars)(sorry my dollar sign doesnt work I got a virus)and he had to pay so it wouldnt go over 20 and another guy that cant ride his until he gets it fixed, I found one that I could buy in Fla. for 1099 and it will go 50+ "but they are not responsible for local ordinances"

the industry covers itself by saying all states are different so they inform the dealer about there local laws...I dont see many cops while riding, but I have to go through a rough part of town to get to work quickly ... shit I think a dog can catch you at 20, or someone hiding behind a tree or car, Maybe I'll go the nicer way and take more time, thoughts? comments? Rog

Re: Look at this

i've never been stopped doing more than 30mph (the limit in our state). i think that story was an urban myth. if you see a cop, you can always just slow down just in case.

Frig 'em...

Reeperette /

I've been hammered (once) for speeding...but for the most part cops don't even notice mopeds, any more than the other cagepushers do, especially when we got right of way.

The only time yer really gonna catch hassle from a cop is if he thinks you stole it, look too young, or is really bored - that's if yer behavin, mind.

You happen to ride a wheelie past the 7-11 while giving them the bird, they're obviously gonna notice...that's on you.

Most states set the limit for a moped somewhere between 30-35mph, and as long as one is reasonably discreet, simply showing up in court with the moped manual will get the ticket chucked, once his honor stops laughing too hard to do so.

I've used the spec manual for the Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX in my defense more than once.

Rated Top Speed - 30mph

(radar said WHAT ? are you nuts?)

Rated Stopping Distance from 30mph - 100 Feet

(and it was HOW far to that yellow light, officer ? wouldn't have done me much good to stop in the middle of the intersection, now would it...hmmm?)

Just keep all yer paperwork and your specs/owners manual on you, and be reasonably discreet, and it's all good.


Re: Frig 'em...

chuck russo (va) /

i can get my ped to go a solid 36 flat land and ped the speedo at 40 downhills. i ride on the bike paths where i live cuz the durvers are idiots and never see me, i drive by cops all the time and they never say anything to me

Re: Frig 'em...

not to mention it is very hard for a damn radar gun to pick up such a little bike so any "radar" mesurment they have is freaking bullshit! fight all speeding tickets you get on a motorcylce or moped because radars CAN NOT get an accurate reading. all radars pick up the biggest object. i drove past a radar trap once and i was doing 20(bike speedo)and somone was coming on my ass fast and it said i was doing 35 so it picked up the car. so in conclusion cops are dumb. lol some are cool. but if you keep your head down and ur ped isnt that loud you will be perfectly fine.


Re: Frig 'em...

some cops don't know the rules ... some do. one of our members was asked a while ago by a cop to ride on the sidewalk. he had to let him know that that would be illegal. actually ... it's illegal for bicycles to ride on the sidewalk, too. they're supposed to ride in the street. go figure.

Re: Frig 'em...

Ron Brown /


Pedestrian, 3.5 mph, either side of the pavement regardless of direction, no turn signals, no brake lights, no rear view mirrors, no restrictions on trailers (strollers, shopping carts etc.).

We're safer on the road! : )


Re: Look at this

If you shoot past a cop at 50mph with a moped, you might get his attension.

If you buzz down the street at 30mph or so, He's not going to bother with you.

If you are weaving in and out of traffic being a problem for everyone, He might hassle you.

gennerally, using good judgement will keep you safe.Acting like your an evil caneval sort of a person will get you hurt or in trouble.

I went by a cop with only half of a muffler, parts hanging off and no lights. He didn't give me even a solid look. If I had been going the wrong way in traffic, he might would have!!


Re: Look at this

I've had quite a few conversations with cops in Missouri. Most I've encountered are only vaguely familiar with the law, so I carry a copy of the MO Drivers' Guide and the state statutes defining motorized bicycles. I've found them to be good to me and they don't really mind as long as I ride within reason. I've also found that the existence of pedals (although not required) really causes them to ignore me. My best experience was when I got pulled over so the cop could ask where he could get one! The law here states:

30 mph max. on flat ground

3 hp max brake horsepower

50 cc or less

automatic transmission

your brakes must be able to stop you within 25 feet when traveling 10 mph

you must have a normal drivers' license (no motorcycle endorsement needed)

no registration necessary

you need lights/reflectors for after dark

no helmet required

Ree, I wonder if the item about braking distance would have been a problem in your defense angle? Needless to say, I agree with you and that is why I carry the owner's manual and other documents.


Re: Look at this


You forgot to mention that pedestrians are allowed to stop at will at the dooorway of a business looking around trying to remember where thye left the car. These numbnuts have no consideration for antone behind them.


Braking Distance

Reeperette /

Well, my old manual listed the braking distance from 30mph at 100feet, which was an unusually conservative estimate given that it would come to a dead stop in maybe 30feet stock, and after upgrading...in an emergency 45-slide "crash-stop" - it could be stopped in EIGHT feet.

The reason I ran a yellow light that day was that I had a rather large car tailgating me, and the LAST time I had stopped for a yellow in that situation, the bastard slid into the back of my 'ped and punted me out into the intersection like a soccer ball...other than scrapes and bruising, no real damage done, but I was pissed enough to chase him (on foot) with the intent of doing not-nice things to his vehicle....he took off, of course, and I decided to grab my 'ped afore someone ran it over.

But the mere fact that a cop would DARE try to ticket me for running a yellow, less than a week after that happened, really pissed me off, and I was going to make an ass out of him in court....I likely woulda got a warning, but he came all attitude over me and sure, I gave him a lil bit of verbosity on the matter and he whipped out citation book.....not that it did any good given that I had the owners manual AND the accident report from the previous incident.

I hate cops, really I do.


Re: Braking Distance


Here's how they should do it... They should get the names of everybody who WANTS to be a cop, and then make a list, to make sure NONE of those people get hired.

wanting to be a cop? That's crazy--

7-11 worker: can get shot at.

Cop: same

7-11 worker: Has a dumb uniform

Cop: Ditto

7-11 worker: Deals with the worst of humanity, at all hours of the night

Cop: Same

7-11 worker: Gets paid minimum wage

Cop: Gets a few cents more than minimum wage.

7-11 worker: Trapped in a dead end job that sucks

Cop: Same

7-11 worker: Every body makes fun of you, and you don't tell people at parties what you do for a living.

Cop: same

7-11 worker: Has a character on the Simpsons to illustrate how comically pathetic you are.

Cops: Same

Re: Look at this

You should be able to find out exactly what your state requires over the net. You also here about people being pulled from their cars and being beaten for no good reason but it hasn't happened to anyone I know. If you want to carry your manual with you, print a copy of the state laws pertaining to mopeds and carry it as well.

Most folks really don't know the law verbatum. If you have it with you, you can show it to the officer just don't act smart about it (like "yes hell I can, it says so right here. So you can go suck an egg officer") Police officers are into ego's. Even if you get off, if they want, they'll follow you and pull you for some small pinny anny thing just to write you a ticket or wait until they see you again.

If you get pulled, you just happened to of put it in with your manual when you were making sure that you were studying the state law because all ya want to do is be a model citizen. You don't have to suck up to them but it does help to at least be polite. If they are looking for a fight, you really don't want to be the one that gives it to them.


Re: Braking Distance

I'm not too down on cops.It's just that 99% of them give the others a bad name.LOL! Just kidding! I try to be polite,but then,down here in the rurals I'm sure the police are a little more personable than in the big cities where a lot of you guys live.What I tell my sons is this:Sure they'll hassle you,especially if you're a `smart-aleck' to them,but you wouldn't want to live in any town without their presence.Things would go downhill fast! And I try to tell my boys that they'll be the first ones(especially the State Patrolmen)to dive into your burning car and pull you out.When my wife was really big and pregnant about 21 years ago,the winter roads were TERRIBLE and I was worried about making the 30 mi. to the hospital with her.You remember that 1980 winter with all the ice and below zero temps.?Well,a guy who hardly knew me,a State Policeman,was concerned enough to approach me and offer his 4-wheel drive F-150.He said:`ANYTIME...night or day...you call me and you can take that truck to get her to the hospital.' I NEVER forgot that kindness from a policeman and never will.His name is Tim Litteral,and he is strictly `by the book'.

Re: Braking Distance

I should say that the State Police, here in Maine, are tough, reasonable, fair and have a good record of being safe and honest.

They've had some problems, but nothing I consider 'bad'.

My experience with city cops is much different, much less tact, higher job turnover etc. etc.

Has anyone ever been to a "Beach Town" during a period of low unemployment....?

Around here, it's "O.O.B", the Oob. Old Orchard Beach, where all the tourists come down to ride the wimpy amusement rides and walk the pier-- guys with loud stereos on their moped, fat cars, etc.

Anyway, when the Fast Food places are desperate, and start paying you 8.50 to flip a burger, the Townships have a lot of trouble beating the bigger chains. McDonalds can write it off as a loss, but a Town has to raise taxes or do in deficit to the State funds...

The point is, that they hire people who have no brain, or no experience....at low pay, in an area where there are numerous bars and a ton of late night traffic.....

When you think about it, a really crafty criminal would make a lot of contacts by being a cop for a summer season.... Confiscate, get names and information-- let everyone go, and tell them you won't be a cop for long----by the time you get fired you'll have a little black book with all the names of the people in the local underground criminal scene,,,,

Re: Braking Distance

There is a definite QC problem with city police even here in Jackson,but not as bad as it must be up there.They've never heard of payin' 8.50 for flippin' burgers down here.City cops probably don't make much more than that down here,along with Sheriffs' deputies.But our cost of living is a little less than other places,except for the price of gasoline and heating oil,which the dealers feel `duty-bound' to gouge us with.I see your point about the criminal side of law enforcement,but I'd never thought about it before.Been on the `ped yet?You did get another `ped didn't you?

Re: Braking Distance

I haven't setttled, yet, and we had to use the money from the moped for other bills. I will get one though.. perhaps even a scooter too..


Re: Braking Distance

dude sue the shit outta that bastard!!! if he hit u he doesnt even deserve to have money. sue him blindor if he already is blind sue him dead.,..haha u better get ur money man.


Re: Braking Distance

I hope you get a decent settlement quickly,Wayne.That's a bummer for sure! I know where you live the weather's probably getting a little bleak,but think about the runnin' you're gonna be doin' on that new `ped and POSSIBLY scooter and you should cheer up.Cheer up,Gadget Man!!

Re: Braking Distance

Rich King /

I got stopped once by a cop on my PUCH after I'd put on a biturbo and a 70cc kit. He had followed me for quite a while and knew that it ran faster than 30-35 mph. However, being an "old guy" I later found out the reason that he stopped me was he suspected my license had been suspended for DWI. Once he found out it hadn't, he became more "friendly" until he tried to make a joke and asked me "where my Harley was". I responed, "in the shop, just like everybody elses"! That was a big mistake! He turned beet red and his partner doubled over laughing. You see he was a motorman and his Harley actually was in the shop. Needless to say, it wasn't very pleasant while he scrotinized my ped and all the time his partner laughing uncontrollably. When his partner told me what was going on, I thought it was funny too. When we both started laughing, He told us to shut up and for me to get going. While nothing bad happend from this encounter, he still gives me the "hairy eyeball" when I see him. Hopefully I won't have to pay for it down the road, but the look on his face when I answered the remark about the Harley was pretty good.

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