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Little swine all in a row! Where's my AK-47 when I need it?

Terrorists in Portland Maine

Some of the terrorists took off from the airport 1.5 miles from my house. The last photos of them were from bank machines I'd used...A wal-Mart I buy stuff at.... it's freaky knowing I could have bumped into them locally--

There's only one road to the airport in Portland Maine, and I drive on it every morning to get to work-- You can see the big jets coming and going just a few hundred feet above the ground where the runway stops. It's a very small airport, really.

That would have been the last road those guys ever drove down--- If I hadn't been home with the broken leg, I might have even seen them in traffic on the way to work--

Local news says some local banks are involved-- is that making national news, or news in anyone's area?

Re: Terrorists in Penn

a good friend of mine lives in pennsylvania, right near the field where the plane crashed. he says it wierd because he sometimes used to ride his bike through that field.

Re: Terrorists in Penn

That IS freaky,Wayne.Here in Ohio it seems so detached from the tragedy,but the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania actually seemed to turn around over the Mansfield OH area.I could've probably looked up and seen the jet trail of it come to think of it.You can see those a LONG way off because of the height of them and the reflection of the trail against the sky.There was a rumor here that Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton had been scrambled and shot it down.If that's true,it would've probably came down in a ball of fire.Did it?Maybe Collins knows.Or maybe a terrorist bomb was detonated when the heroes foiled the plot.I don't think those men and possibly women have received nearly enough praise for their actions.We can be reasonably sure that that plane would've caused terrible loss of life wherever they were heading with it.Thank God for the heroes of flight 93.!!

Re: Terrorists in Penn

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Where is your friend from? I live about 40 mintues from the PA crash site.

Re: Terrorists in Penn

i'm not sure the town he lives in. he comes up to stay with his grandfather over the summer and somemtimes he comes for a weekend here and there. and he just told me that the field was in his town and he knew the field and it was near where he lived.

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