What's the scoop on Hercules?

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My friend Amy is looking at this Hercules moped, and thinking about buying it. Are Hercules decent moped's? What type of carb do they use? Are they easy to get parts for? Any other info is appreciated too. Thanks.


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Sorry... I don't know about Hercules mopeds

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I thought it was Sampson (delilah cut his hair.)

Re: What's the scoop on Hercules?

Hercules are the same as Sachs, I think they just went out a diffrent door at the factory. Good and reliable, no speed parts specifically for it, a lot of the smaller peices like break levers, etc are shared with Puch, and other german mopeds. Handy Bikes in ohio has ALL the parts he would need, give them a call, and send in the old peice if it needs to be replaced. the moped junkyard also has parts and pictures.

One thing I've noticed is that people always mangle the decompression port for some unknown reason. If the port is set up wrong, you'll still run but not too well.

Mine has never let me down on a hill, and it'll hit 30 pretty easy.

Sampson doesn't make mopeds

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Uhhh ... No

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