Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!


I got a magnum last week for really cheap. I got it running and idleing good, but the trans has some issues.

When I pull the gas, whether all the way or a little, the clutch wont engage at all. It take like 30 seconds to get into first gear. Once in first gear, it goes into second fine, but how can I get it to stop slipping. Is it a clutch problem, because clutches are impossible to get for this engine.

I change the fluid to type f, and its a little bettter, but if you go up a hill, it crawls it out at 5 mph.

Thanks In advance!!!!

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

What size sprockets do you have on that beast? Try another type of transmission fluid or atleast change it and flush it. Make everything all clean again. If that doesn't work and you don't want to track down any new parts for a tranny then change your sprockets. Someone can tell you what sizes are essential and thats about the best I can do. Just thought you'd want an immediate response.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

TRY www.puch.net for clutch parts and advice.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Thanks for the responses and keep em coming!

Ben, I already flushed the fluid 3 times, and the sproket size 18 on front, 40 on rear. That is the stock sizes from the puch factory for a 2 speed engine. My maxi has the same setup

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Hi ALL, mopedwarehouse has a load of NOS factory parts, I would call them first, I have a 78 Top Tank engine that Iam going to part out, will ck the clutches out.... Doug D.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Did you take the clutch off? Could you tell if it was worn. Is it having to rev up really high to engage?

How many miles does it have on it? (really doesn't deturmine anything but might give a clue if it is high milage. Like really high)

When you are going so slow up a hill, is the motor bogging down or can you tell that the engine is reving up and the clutch is just slipping?

Also, could you tell if someone had been in the transmission before you got it?

It might be that they tried to fix it or work on something like the clutch thinking that they were going to improve it. If the motor is not bogging down when going up that hill and its not shifting into lower gear or anything then it would almost have to be the clutch.

Try to find a picture of what it is supposed to look like and see of yours is missing something or maybe has some extra parts added. (When you first get something used at a bargain with the phrase "All ya got to do to get it running is....." then you know that there is something wrong that stumped the previouse owner)


Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Mopedwarehouse would be a good place to check and they seem extra nice. The Puch Magnum is a super kool moped. once you get the clutch thing fixed, your going to have a fantastic moped.

I still want a darned Puch!!!

Oh well, good luck with the moped. There is a ton of info on the Puch mopeds on the net. Do a search with the words Puch and clutch. You might get a little better insight into what your problem is and how to fix it. Replacing the clutch isn't such a bad task.


Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

How much ATF Type F did you put in the tranny?

It should have only 9.5 ounces in the tranny. If you think it has more than that, drain it and add only 9.5.

If it is topped out it will barely crawl until you get some momentum going.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Over filling is apparently a common problem. When I got my moped, I wanted to change the fluid so I put a small container under the moped that would hold a little less than a quart of fluid. I realized a little too late that it had been topped off. It had over a quart of fluid in it. Way Way too much.

The whole purpose of putting the fluid in is to keep everything lubricated. If it is over filled, it will build up preasure, hydraulic pressure (BAD). The gears have to overcome the friction that is created by the extra fluid. Kinda like the differance between skimming your hand across the water and trying to move it comepletely under the water. There is a lot more resistance. Now, imagine doing this at a few thousand rpm's.

With the proper amount of fluid in the case, you get a churned up flurry of transmission fluid because of the gears moving through the transmission fluid that is in the transmission area.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Hi, The engine just revs really high when going up hill, and doesnt move unless I hold the starter clutch lever. It had 5000 miles, And the inside of the trans looks clean, but the clutch drum has some discoloration, I cant see the clutch, because the drum doesnt allow me to.

I also filled it to the right level, And when I drain it so It is running with less, the problem gets PARTIALLY better.

THanks Again


Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

The centrical clutch sounds like its worn out, going to tear one down today I hope, if its good we might deal, or trade something. If interested.

Re: Puch Magnum trans Wont Engage/Shift Right!

Hi,Anthony!DON'T HOLD your starter clutch lever.It will burn the starter clutch and /or wear out the components.Only do that to start it at low speeds or when pedal-starting.You don't want even MORE expense,right?

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