When can I get a 125?

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At the mo I am 16, nearly 17. I have an Italjet Dragster and I love the way it looks, but it is really slow. I know I can get it derestricted soon but it will still only have more top speed and no more torque.

So, in England, can I have a 125 at 17 on my provisional licence? If not, what age do I need to be or what licence do I need?


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Re: When can I get a 125?

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This is what I've heard about rules in UK:

You're allowed 125cc at 17. You will need a motorcycle provisional and a CBT test.

This allows you to ride with L plates.

A 125cc test (I think) then allows you to ride without L plates.

At 16 you're allowed a 125cc but it has to be restricted. Many go with this option as it saves buying a new bike later - just take the restricter off.

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