Moped shop in Southern Calif.

Just to let our Southern Californian based readers know, there's an EXCELLENT, not-well-publicized ALL MOPED SHOP in Fullerton (Orange County) called MYRON'S MOPEDS.

SHAUN STAHM is the owner.



FULLERTON CA 92833-3027


They are open TUES-SAT., 10am-6pm. They sell NEW MOPEDS (Solex & Tomos -- all colors in stock!), USED MOPEDS, PARTS, SERVICE, MANUALS, ACCESSORIES, you name it!

I'm buying a brand new 2001 Targa LX there quite soon. He's a wealth of info on mopeds and is a wonderful person to consult. I highly recommend anyone interested in seeking moped information to contact Shaun. He is also compiling a moped book, full of moped photos and information on every make and model.

I'm very excited to have found the only remaining all moped store around in Southern California! If you ride mopeds and are in Southern California, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. Would love to arrange a ride.

Thanks and take care!


Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

do they have a website?

Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

Sorry, there is no website/email contact.


Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

Hello All from VA, I heard Shaun was a top notch bike mechanic, but could never get him to answer my email or snail mail, Zippy may know more. Doug D.

Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

This looks to be the future site: <a href=""></a>

Here is a Moped Repair Tutorial that originally originally appeared on the Myron's Mopeds webpage, which has since dissapeared: <a href=""></a>

Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

Shaun is one of if not THE most knowledgable moped mechanics I have ever run across. He is a super nice guy to boot. Shaun built a 50 cc engine that could hit 83 mph and later another that did 93 mph. He has been in the biz about 20 years from the good ole days of the 70s and 80s when mopeds ruled the land.

He was in with and still is with Myrons mopeds which became primarily a goped shop. Last I talked to hime he had plans to establish his own web site.

Great guy, honest and helpful, give hime some business if you can.

Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

Myron's has split into two companies, the moped division and the goped division. They are now in separate suites and have separate phone numbers as well. So, Myron's Mopeds is ALL mopeds now, headed by Shaun, so no gopeds whatsoever. It's really a nice place!


Re: Moped shop in Southern Calif.

There used to be a website, but it included the Go-Ped info also.

Back when his family owned a bicycle shop, Shaun had a section in back where he worked on mopeds. It was the only other shop here is So. Cal. He had a few Solex parts back in the dark days before the new ones were made.

Shaun is a great guy to know if you have a moped.


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