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okay, this may be a dumb question... but there is a cylinder head on Ebay for my Honda PA50II... i think its new... what (if anything) will a new cylinder head do for me? im thinking of buying it just in case mine ever goes out, since parts seem to be scarce for the honda.. what do you all think? will a new cylinder head improve anything?

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probably not ... unless your cylinder head breaks at some time, you probably won't need a new one. you can always clean your old one easily enough. however ... if the head is a bit bigger, it might displace more heat and allow you to rund at more rpms ... just at thought. but i'm not familiar w/ the pa50 ... see what other people say.

Re: cylinder head...

That would depend on the shape if the one on your bike now. If it is severely warn and scarred, then getting it turned or purchasing a new one will make a world of differance. The potential benifit would come from better compression. For that, you would also have to have new rings and a good piston (the one you have may be jsut fine)

Remember though that if you do install it, you would need to go through the whole break in period with your bike.

It never hurts to have an extra part or two. The worst thing would be that you would sell it at a later date. (Maybe it will be worth more if it is out of production)


BTW, there is a lot of information here about replacing cylinders. Use the search engine to find some good info!!


cylinder ??... or cylinder head ??

He said cylinder head... not cylinder.

If the cylinder HEAD is from the same model... then it will make no performance difference.

Cylinders on the other hand CAN make a difference... but I would be very careful about buying a used cylinder that I couldn't look at and measure (for bore size)... they could be worn or have been bored out already.


Alright... I just went and looked... and they incorrectly listed this as a cylinder head... it is not... it is a cylinder.

<IMG src="">

You should use a new piston and rings with a new cylinder.. it is just a waste to put an old piston in a new cylinder.

Re: cylinder ??... or cylinder head ??

i agree w/ fred. if the cylinder is a bit larger (meaning you'll need new piston/rings anyhow), it'll boost performance. by larger i mean that the internal diameter is slightly larger than on the cylinder you currently have.

otherwise, it's just a waste of money. but ... if you want a spare part to have just in case, go ahead.

Re: cylinder ??... or cylinder head ??

awesome! thanks alot everyone... big help!

Re: cylinder ??... or cylinder head ??

Ya know, I read cylinder head and just assumed that he was refering to the cylinder itself. I guess my response sounded kinda silly for a cylinder head :)

I would agree with the other posts in that a new piston would be needed and that there would be no significant gain if the old one was in good shape. The replacement of the rings along with the other two parts is a gimmy I guess.

I think that the determining factor would be the price. I wouldn't pay full price for something to just set on a shelf and never use but if I had doubts about the integrity of my current cylinder/piston, it never hurts to have a spare.

If you get the cylinder and also find a new piston with rings at a great price then you can have a quick fix as a backup. If the old parts fail then you will not have to wait on the machine shop to turn your old cylinder and wait on shipping of an oversized cylinder. Just take the bad one out and intall the new one. If you want to after that, you can get the old one turned at your leizure and purchase the oversized piston at your leizure. Although, the moped shouldn't go through cylinders and pistons.

***Remember to go through the break in process if you do replace the cylinder and piston with some new rings!!!******

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