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whats the difference between the targa lx and the ttlx

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There is none...

ttlx stands guessed it. Tomos (T) Targa (T) LX (duh).

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Actually, I've seen places that advertise both the targa lx and the ttlx. The ttlx is exactly the same as the targa lx exept it doesn't say "targa LX" on the tank. The TT actually stands for "top tank" I think.


My bad

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So then if I have a Tomos targa, would I abreviate it as a TT?

"I think I'll go ride my TT"

"man, my TT went really good today"

Ha Ha, I guess I seem to enjoy cheap old toilet humor ;^)

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yea i saw sum place sell both

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