HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

SOOO technically a honda express is not a moped, because it has no pedals?? is this true?? i am in MT and i do not have a license at the time so i have been riding my '77 EXPRESS around quite a bit, it seems to be quite a grey area in the STATE DMV LAWS. I know that it does not need to be registered or insured because it is under 50 cc, but i am thinking now that because it does not have pedals that i may actually need a license!?!?!!?! which sorta scares me, cause if i get pulled over, that could be very bad, however i have passed several cops and have not been nabbed yet, i also carry a copy of the state code along with me JUST IN CASE, and i think if the officer is any kind of a human at all he/she will understand and sympathize with me a little in my interpretation of the state law concerning, motor vehicles, mopeds, and bicycles!!! in fact i even called the MT HWY PATROL a few times and i got 2 different officers to tell me that i didnt need a license to ride it, after much discussion and explanation, HOWEVER i do think they thought it had pedals, like a traditional moped!!!! here is the code regarding a definition of a bicycle, which is my BIGGEST argument, no license needed for a bicycle right!?!?!?! what do you guys think...

61-1-123. Bicycle. "Bicycle" means:

(1) every vehicle propelled solely by human power upon which any person may ride, having two tandem wheels and a seat height of more than 25 inches from the ground when the seat is raised to its highest position, except scooters and similar devices; or

(2) every vehicle equipped with two or three wheels, foot pedals to permit muscular propulsion and an independent power source providing a maximum of 2 brake horsepower. If a combustion engine is used, the maximum piston or rotor displacement may not exceed 3.05 cubic inches (50 centimeters) regardless of the number of chambers in the power source. The power source must not be capable of propelling the device, unassisted, at a speed exceeding 30 miles an hour (48.28 kilometers an hour) on a level surface. The device must be equipped with a power drive system that functions directly or automatically only and does not require clutching or shifting by the operator after the drive system is engaged.

..... it does clearly state that foot pedals are required, but that is imediatly followed by IF a combustion engine is used...etc etc... and the express clearly meets ALLLL the other requirements!?!?!?! i guess i just need to get the new PUCH running so i dont need to worry about this little problem!!!!!!!


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combustion engine is mentioned only as opposed to, for instance, an electric motor.. but then it speaks of any power source..:

"The power source must not be capable of.." over 30mph. So, you need pedals according to what you posted. Some States have a 20mph limit if electric powered.. how stupid is that?

Your's is not the only State that requires pedals for moped classification. Mopeds end up in States for which they were not intended for original sale.. and the laws are confusing all over the country.. as a result, cops are confused too.

best bet is to find some kinda paper work to carry with you.. search for older ordinances that dont mention pedals.. may have been lately upgraded to include "pedals". Also try the Highway Patrol. Drop in and ask for a copy of their version of the law.. I got a copy and it wasn't the same thing the DMV had.

other than that i recommend you lay low.. strictly obey every freakin traffic law regarding moped operation that's on the books.. and keep an eye out for cops. or install some pedals.

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Are You selling You're moped?

Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??


Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

♣Slew Foot♣ /

If you have a title for it it would state mpd under vehicle type.

Even w/o pedals its one rider automatic under 50cc and has a design speed of 25 mph with no more than 5 brake hp at rear wheel.

Plead ignorance but at least get a copy of a title for it stating mpd in the type box.

Ironclad for court.

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I highly doubt hes selling it as this thread is 16 fucking years old. I doubt hes even on here anymore.

If you want to find a bike post a wanted ad in the buy/sell forum.

Also, this guy was in montana whilst you are in (edited)

Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

PA requires pedals! And a single speed transmission, so multi speeds rule them out here too I believe.

Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

Zombie thread!

For future reference:

Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

♣Slew Foot♣ /

No mechanics licence required in pa no inspection if you upgrade it as long as it's titled registered and insured. It can go as high as 120cc as long as it's automatic. one rider. It's this fuzzy loophole you are not required to report any upgrades unless you transfer the title. Add the way they stick you with the 100 dollar transfer fee you are better off getting an extended vehicle inspection for 110 and a new VIN and title. It's the alternative to the VT. Or Delaware paths.

Re: HONDA EXPRESS / Moped laws??

In Minnesota, the law states if it is over 2 bhp it's a motorcycle, my express has motorcycle plates. I'm not endorsed, but intend to be eventually.

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