Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds?

<HTML>I have two nice Puch Maxi mopeds - both are in excellent condition. However, whenever I go out to town, I take my life in my hands when turning. People in cars do not understand the hand signals for turning. I want to add turn-signals to my bike. However, the only ones I've found on the net cost mega$$$. Does anyone know of any after-market turn signal kits (complete front and back) that are reasonably priced (under $50)? Thanks!</HTML>

RE: Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds

<HTML>No such thing as a complete winkerset under $50. The winkers from a Honda shadow50 or CB are pretty cheap and look good, $25 for each winker, $15 for the rear winkersuspension and $10 for the 2 front winkersuspensions. A total of $125, and you'll have the best(looking) winkers ever.</HTML>

RE: Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds

<HTML> My first moped, a Sears Free Spirit used a Cateye unit form the '70's and was the best I ever saw. It was a small electrical box that mounted from the handle bars from which the front turn signals mounted on stalks. The rear set was a bracket with similar stalks. It came with the handle bar switch and required one wire to hook it up from the headlight or stoplight circuit.

I've seen a couple used ones now and then at motorcycle swapmeets and once saw a new one in the box. I don't think they are made any more, but I could be wrong.

Check any and all places mopeds are sold and ask moped people.


RE: Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds

<HTML>Surfing the moped net, and I belive I saw a complete set about $90 AT sportsbay.com</HTML>

RE: Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds

<HTML>Try looking for trailer lights at a farm supply store or auto parts place. They often have yellow running lights for trailers and also semi trucks. With some simple wiring and a sprung switch you could simulate a blinker quit cheaply. </HTML>

RE: Who sells after-market turn signals for mopeds

<HTML>STEVES MOPED in NJ is the only place I found, they have a universal kit 12volt $89.95 I posted earlier that Sportsbay had them and they replied they never heard of them....... dwdoogie@webtv.net...also looking for 78 AMF parts bike later doug </HTML>

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I have a 1996 puch moped in great condition, black with white on the interior of the wheels. I bought it but never got the chance to ride it and am getting my license soon so I want to get rid of it..includes papers. Live in northern NJ so you must come pick it up. Email me at jenna2885@aol.com if you are interested..includes paperwork and comes with plates and helmet. will sell for 500-600 $ can negotiate

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