tomos targa lx!!!

is there a speed governer on the tomos targa lx if so how do i take it off? thank you


Re: tomos targa lx!!!

Reeperette /

No, there is not.

There's a few minor things one can do, mind - but unless your really hardcore you will not notice much difference.

You can remove the exhaust baffle for a hair more oompa, and more aggressive exhaust "note" (which I happen to like).

You can advance the timing just a tiny bit, stuff like that.

But if you really want a larger performance jump, get the two-piece BiTurbo exhaust, it's the best bang-for-buck upgrade, and is stone-simple to install.


Re: tomos targa lx!!!

Jamie Youmans /

You can get a new Bi-Turbo pipe from <> for about the best price I've been able to find. They are also going to come out with a cylinder kit that will be able to use an existing BiTurbo pipe instead of having to purchase a new one with the kit!!


Re: tomos targa lx!!!

thanx i already had the bi turbo high performance air filter and i got the carb jetted but i heard sum 1 say sumthing about governers so i wasnt sure

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