bad news

Work slowed down to a 3 day work week (at least I made it through the first round of layoffs) so the moped (Puch) is way back on the back burner, Hope I can find something part time to help out, damn and I had just found a whole motor for like 10 bucks (locked up but all there) in Cal. on ebay along with a bunch of other parts I need for it, oh well it looks like I got a 20 dollar heavy bicycle.

Re: bad news

The economy is awful right now, and I think it will get a lot worse.

Lots of people are up against the wall.

Times like this, the only good investment is in friends and family.

Re: bad news

Guys,it'll be alright if things go the way they usually do during a war.The economy almost always picks up.But I'm a little worried about it this time.In one week,they're laying off big-time here at my facility.I sure don't want to go back to concrete finishing at my age.EVERYBODY keep your chin UP !!

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