minarelli, baretta 45, picoli motors

I left a post earlier about purchasing two mopeds. They're Baretta 45's, both of them, one's a step through the other a top tank. I did purchase both and they are equipped with the same minarelly 45cc engine. I got the carb all clean and inspected everything visually which seems to be in good shape. They've been sitting for a while so I drained everything and put new premium gas mixed with the proper 1/30th two cycle oil. Basically they are ready to go now, but neither has spark. They have been sitting for some time so basically I'm wondering what the most likely parts are to go bad from sitting. What would lead to them not having spark. One doesn't have a taillight or turn signals. Could that be a cause? They are older......1979. Any hints would be a great help. Thanks!!

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Click resources, articles and read Fred's "How to fix your moped".


Re: minarelli, baretta 45, picoli motors

Points, and condensers both go bad from sitting if its just points you might be able to clean them but ih you have to go in there anyway, just replace them and the condenser, I know some models wont start without the tailight working , but I dont know about your model

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Where's a good parts provider for italian moped parts. I saw that one site, themopedjunkyard.com that had some italian parts. Just wondering what the most comprehensive site for minarelli parts is because I need a few more small parts. Thanks.

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Try www.mopedwarehouse.com or Handy Bikes(614-299-0550),O.K.?

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