Can't remove exhaust baffle from Puch Korado!

<HTML>I recently bought a 1996 Puch Korado, and it runs fine (about 250km on the odometer) I tried removing the baffle in the exhaust pipe, but I can't get it all the way out. I got it about 98% out, but it seems to get stuck at the very end. I am curious to how it will run, and how loud it would be, so I may want to put it back in.

My question is: Is it worth removing? Will it help the performance, or just make it run worse? Thanks for any info you have!

Tommy :)</HTML>

RE: Can't remove exhaust baffle from Puch Korado!

<HTML>Removing the baffles on 2-strokes gives a better performence in 90% of the cases, because 2-strokes mostly have those baffles as restrictors. Don't use excessive force to remove it, try some WD40 or maybe there's a screw you missed. Some people actually saw off the end of their exhaust, don't do this unless you have a good replacement exhaust in case you ruin it. The best (not the cheapest) thing to do is to buy an exhaust without baffles and with a thicker pipe, that's what I did with my Honda MT50. Special exhausts give the best performance and improve the sound your bike make's.

P.S. If you remove the baffle, saw it off or replace the whole exhaust, you should recalibrate your carburettor.</HTML>

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