I can go to work and back for 7 days on .94 cents worth of gas!! I know it wont pay for itself in fuel mileage,( well maybe in like 3 years) but still , I got 100 km on 8/10ths of a gallon , and that was hard ridin on saturday and sunday thats 62.5 miles on 94 cents worth of gas

Re: GAS!!!

Jamie Leonard /

Actually I'm just about there for my moped paying for itself - over public transportation. Given how long mopeds last if you maintain them reasonably well, it shouldn't be a problem running yours for a decade or so past the point of it paying for itself in savings.

Besides they're just fun :)

Re: GAS!!!

You have to replace the gas?

I seem to forget that it eventually runs out. Its only 7 miles to work for me. It takes a while for me to burn a tank of gas. I have actually run out before and it took a minute to realize that that was what happened. Turn on the reserve and away I go!!

I can drive to work and back, to the store and just around the neighborhood for what it costs to drive to work and home again with my truck. (Dodge ram V8 at best 14mpg in town)

around 100mpg compaired to 14 mpg. Its a big differance.

I guess i loose a little towing capacity with the moped but it does seem to be able to tow my but around....

Re: GAS!!!

chuck russo (va) /

i get around 90 miles to a tank of gas on my 87 golden bullet lx

hey jamie your truck gets good gas compared to my 93 ford lightning that gets 8mpg in the city with ac on and around 10-11 with the ac off

Re: GAS!!!

Mine is a 98 and comes with the v8 but does have the fuel injection and all the other crap so that helps some. Your 93 Ford probably has a few more horses under the hood than mine does. I cannot complain about the mileage too much. It rides pretty good.


Re: GAS!!!

Rog! I get 125mpg on my Sebring and I still can't see how.Today I was riding on an 85mi. trip and just trying to run out the synthetic blend gas that's in the tank,and I FINALLY ran out and had to switch to reserve.Reason is I've got that 60cc polini kit coming and I don't want to run synthetic for a while until the rings and wrist pin bearing break in.I've mixed up a 2gal.can full of non-synthetic for the anticipated `break-in' period.I'm hoping to have the will power to hold off the throttle somewhat during break-in.

Re: GAS!!!

XBrandon EdgeX /

Hey, Don. I know how you can keep from hitting full throttle on your bike during break in. Re-adjust your throttle cable so that it doesn't open the throttle up all the way! That is, if you don't think you have the willpower to lay off the throttle :)

Re: GAS!!!

Thanks,X-Brand! I just may take your advice.But I like to throttle up all the way for just a brief period to help set the rings at their highest point in the cylinder,so I'll probably just administer several of Ron's patented `Dope Slaps' every time I hop on.LOL !! (:>)


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now, how do you add them to the replys?

Re: _

whatever Simon is using should have the new features boards have now

on his new board

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Re: _

You right click on the image

go to properties

copy the URL

go to where you wish to place it

paste the URL inside this 'command'

<IMG src="paste the URL here">

<IMG src="">

Re: _

this is the 'command'

]<IMG src="paste the URL here"">[

except ... remove the brackets that I put on the each end of it above.

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still won't show

OK... try this

(<)IMG src="place the URL here"(>)

Only... remove the two sets of parentheses that are bracketing the <'s at each end

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